Please don’t stop the music

February 17, 2011 6:07pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher No Comments

Let the music play on, play on, play on, …Anyway, the other day someone asked me what kind of music I liked and do you know what,  I could not answer them because the music I like is so vast and so various I would have been answering the question for a decade.  Now, I can tell you what I don’t like and that’s death or thrash metal.  Anything that has (allegedly) lyrics that scream at me until my ears BLEED does not float my boat, although played in a full on action movie or wrestling match and I could be swayed into liking it!  Music is a great thing and I cannot imagine a life without it.  Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Cascada can have me dancing like a Diva in seconds – evacuate the dance floor, I’m coming on baby! Yes my guilty pleasure! However, on a Sunday morning you could find me chilling to a bit of Nina Simone  whilst tucking into a breakfast muffin and a nice cup of tea.  Whilst we’re on the subject of tea lets talk about Tinie Tempah (he loves a nice cuppa) who is the man of the moment.  He is, without doubt, the best thing to come out of Britain in a while.  “There ‘aint nobody fresher, semester to semester” (I know, sad.)  I totally love him and could listen to his music ’til I pass out – no, seriously I could.  Don’t you love the way that music can also transport you back in time where you can remember exactly how you felt and what you were doing – it’s magical!   I recall sitting outside a restaurant in Florida with my friend, in the pouring rain singing Don McLean’s “American Pie‘ yes ok, maybe we did have one tequila too many!  I love listening to Frank Sinatra’s ‘Summer wind’ or “girl from Ipanema” whilst walking along the beach front or the “Ibiza chill out’ album whilst lying in the sunshine.  There are some wonderful one offs that I love like Baz luhrmanns ‘Sunscreen’ which he got from a column written by a journalist.  That song says everything you need to know about life and everybody should listen to it.  Go on – go to You Tube now and play it – I insist!  Also Peter Sarstedt ‘Where do you go to my lovely’ a beautiful melody. Michelle Shocked ‘When I grow up’ (no I won’t – we all know that) I love that song!  I also defy anyone not to get perky to a bit of Abba, it would be rude not to!  Get me a bit of cuban salsa going and a few cuba libra’s and I will put Shakira to SHAME! So, what kind of music do I like? Well anything with a bit of rap, hip hop, R&B, pop,  Diva-esque, ballady, fusion, electro-funk, reggae, ska, salsa and disco and I think we’ve just about covered it.  Some people think I’m bonkers but don’t even get me started on Christmas songs!

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