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Yes I admit it I have been lazy and downright rude and inconsiderate when it comes to blogging!  But it’s like every new little adventure that I start – it gets all my devotion and gusto until something else grabs my attention.  BUT – Fear ye not!  For I am determined to continue blogging for the good of all!  Anyway- a brief synopsis / catch up since last time:
In my defense I have had to make many tiaras for  a couple of wedding fairs.  NB: Wedding fairs are mind numbingly boring.  Apologies to all wedding fair organisers but they are and let’s face it, you’re making a mint out of us stall holders!  I find it depressing to discuss the ins and outs of a tiara to someone who is getting married in 2012?!!!!  Is it me??? Have they got nothing better to do on a sunday than discuss the possibilities of a colour scheme with some random stranger when the sodding event is 2 years away!!!!!
I am in preference of a craft fair – bring and sell.  End of.
 Clairabelle and I have also taken up dancing lessons.  Burlesque. Now let’s be honest, as the picture say’s, dressing sluttish is fun.  Obviously more fun when you are in your early 20’s and a size 8. 
 On arrival at burlesque class we found that some had taken this to the extreme and decided to dress for the occasion.  No holes barred (please excuse the pun)  frilly knickers, suspenders and basques were confidently donned. I felt somewhat out of place in my long black trousers and t shirt.  Now, in my naiveté I thought this dance style would be 1940’s pin up / posing and vintage elegance, but lets be honest about it we are talking posh stripping.  Our teacher AKA ‘Wanda handful’  seems to be a hard task master!   Our first lesson involved a chair routine like cabaret.  Having to swivel my ass round the chair and bend up and down in colossal high heels has left me feeling half beaten to death, worse are the fist size black bruises on my inner thighs from trying to straddle a chair at speed. You really had to be there to get it, but it was so much fun despite the fact I can barely walk upstairs or lift myself off the sofa from pain!
All in all it’s been an interesting few days and I look forward to many more!


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welcome back to blogging!
‘we’ have missed you!

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