R is for Recreational Vehicle and Random

April 21, 2016 11:03pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 19 Comments


OK, as well as a pick-up and a Mustang I want one of these monsters.  How in hell you drive one, I don’t know so I may need a chauffeur to come with.   A sales guy walked me round loads of these RV’s to kindly show me what they’re all about and how insanely big they are.

“I’m not buying one.   You know that don’t you?  I’ve only got ten dollars.”

“Yeah, I know. But let me show you anyway. Bit different from the things you have right?  What are they called?”

“Caravans, mate. And yes.  Wildly different.”

There’s even one that has a garage in the back for a small car or bike.  Mental.

“I like the idea of this though,”  I said.  ”  Being able to go wherever I want with my house on wheels!”

“And no property tax either!”  he replied.

“Stop selling to me.  I told you, I’ve only got enough cash for a burger.”


Tiled floors and granite worktops in the kitchen!  Granite, no less!


Leather couches, big fridges AND big telly’s.  One even had an outside TV.


$140,000 is pretty cheap for a house that you can plonk anywhere.  Except England.  No way that beast is getting down a country lane.  It wouldn’t even do well on the M25.

Anyway, I got my hat.  There’s no stopping me now.



And now for some R is for Random video:


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No – That is not my office (The Candy Factory)! It is right next to mine – entirely way too close – and it is heavily frequented daily by all Colliers a International Associates!

It’s Candy’s office! And if it’s not, it should be. No, it should be mine. Four screens, a picture of The Scream and a SHED LOAD of sweeties wins it for me. 🙂

That vehicle needs it’s own zip code!

I know, right? Proper monster truck! 🙂


you are one cute cowgirl!

and perhaps as you RV roadtrip across the great wide open spaces of this great country you shall spy along the roadside near the sea a dove with tears in its eyes, clutching a purple bandana, flying majestically up to the heavens…*)

Why thank you, Sir!

I love winnebago man!

Yes, goodbye Prince and Victoria Wood. Too much death going on. *)

It’s nice to be at home wherever you park isn’t it?

Absolutely, Larry. I love the idea.

Parking one of those at our local supermarket would be a lot of fun.
I wonder if those carwash jockeys they have in Tesco’s carpark would still offer to clean it for a fiver.

You can get your car washed for a fiver? Cheap as chips! I think they might up the valet for that monster. I can imagine them trying to work the cost of cleaning that beast for hours!

Don’t know what you’re waiting for its a natural accessory for such a great hat. Could just see you rolling into our village in it. “Aye up its her again Is she a bus driver now? Looks like it hope she’s not parking that at back of Bull. Does she go to Newark can I use my bus pass. Eh lads we’re OK here she’s got a bed and telly in it” Hat looks wonderful it’s so you

It is indeed! Oh yes, the village pub crew would love it! Ha!

Thank you “)

Who the hell has tins of SPAM on the shelf in their office?! The sweets I get, but SPAM?? I just discovered that I must be in Texas, cos I sleep with my socks off too!
I think you should get lessons in driving an RV though, we NEED one for our office 😀

Incase of emergency and nuclear fallout one must ALWAYS have Spam on the shelf! Fried spam fritters – mmmmmm!

What a fab idea! Ok, I’m gonna rent one for a day or two. 🙂

That hat looks absolutely fabulous on you! What a fun post this is. You’re making me want to visit Texas. The RV would not be a good idea for me unless I had a driver to really good insurance

Love your little video and the fact that you set it to one of my fave songs just confirms what we’ve been saying for a while. Soul sisters for sure.

Thank you, Tracy 🙂
I’d definitely need a chauffeur or I’d wipe lanes of traffic out! Maybe Eric the Vampire from True Blood? 🙂

Same here. They’d have to post signs along the streets prior to my arrival…don’t park here today if you like your car.

Believe it or not, found the song before the books and show. Was putting together a naughty playlist. That’s all I’m saying here. The rest to follow over drinks lol.

That looks nicer than my house. And I don’t mean the hat. Dang.

They’re insane aren’t they! I want one! 🙂

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