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I’m not long back from Santorini, a Greek island shaped like a crescent (because half of it blew up  many years back) and boasting the worlds only sea filled caldera.  The island is covered in pumice so if you walk around bare foot, you will have the most beautiful feet on the planet.
Here are things I like about Greece:
  • It’s the only place where feta cheese tastes nice.
  • It’s simplicity and rustic charm is beautiful.
  • Their alphabet is like art.
  • They have SUNSHINE.
  • The people are lovely.
Here are things I don’t like about Greece:
  • You can’t put your toilet paper down the loo (EWWW)
  • I hate ouzo and drinking raki is like having an internal throat peel.
Anyway let’s have a look at it as I tell you more.
I know,  it was tough, but this is where I had to lie everyday if I wasn’t by the pool.  Thankfully it’s pretty windy in Santorini so you can’t feel yourself burning in the 36 degree heat.  I loved saying “Bloody hell it’s hot” everyday as this is not something I’m used to saying and it took a while for me to get used to the feeling of those words in my mouth.  The rain has been relentless in England, seriously, Noah didn’t have it this bad.  I’m beginning to think the Mayans are on to something.
This is how one travelled languorously to the sea.  You couldn’t walk on the sand or it would burn the soles of your feet off.
Look at this lovely little working windmill.  Yonder you can see a two storey building.  Every morning a dog would stand on the second floor barking incessantly at the crowing cockerel.  
This is the type of thing I love.  I have a thing for doors.  I’m even making a folder on the collection of doors I have photographed.  I don’t know whether this is sad or arty.

The locals selling their wares, grapes, olives and prickly pears!

The man with no feet.  There were a few of these guys. Maybe walking around bare foot too long on the island has this effect and it’s a warning.

I sensibly wore these. What do you call a French man wearing sandals?  Phillipe Fillop.  That’s one of my favourite jokes and were I to be talking about holidaying in France it would have been more relevant.

Just incase you were wondering how far away you were from the rest of the world and didn’t have your sat nav knocking around.

One day we went on a trip to Oia.  A beautiful little town built into the cliffs and renowned for its views of the sunset over the caldera.  On our way we stopped at a folk museum which consisted of lots of little rooms, minus air conditioning, and packed with bodies.  Whilst I was mildly interested in Greek farming I found the excessive heat unbearable and snook outside.  Here I found delight in this blowing curtain.

This is a broken door to a cave settlement where some people still reside.  I told you, I have a thing for doors.

It’s nice innit.  View over the caldera.

Now this would suit me down to the ground.  Living in a white-washed building, flip flops and floaty frocks, selling art, sipping wine and reading books.  Talking of books I took the 50 shades of grey trilogy with me to Santorini.  I didn’t want to read it but once I’d heard that it had caused a divorce boom and some bloke threw a bottle of HP sauce at is wife, I relented.  I have to say it could have been written in 50 chapters less, however that’s another story.

Now when you get to Oia you have to find a spot along the cobbled, winding paths at least an hour before the sun sets.  This is because people from all over the planet turn up to take photos.  If you are claustrophobic just buy a postcard.  

Nature is always worth it.
The sea by night as the sun goes to bed.
And then time for cocktails in an open air bar  across from the beach.
Well of course I was going to add another door picture!
As the Greeks would say “Yiamas” which means drink, be healthy and drink again!  Indeed.


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Welcome home. Hope you brought me back a stick of rock.

I’m off to France later this month… I’ll take your flip-flop joke with me.

Thank you Masher! I ate the rock on the plane home, sorry, better than the inflight meal. I hope the French enjoy the joke!

It looks idyllic, and I’m sure it will remain so until that caldera starts playing up. Did you hear any of that wonderful Greek music, played in Zorba the Greek style? I’ve heard that can make a woman’s pulse rush.

As it happens GB, I was forced by the Greek staff at a restaurant there to partake in Zorba. And yes, it made my pulse rush! Or was that the cocktails…

that place is beautiful ! 🙂

It is very pretty Goku 🙂

You can’t put your toilet paper down the loo (EWWW) You got that right! I guess it’s the main reason I’ve never returned. Lying there every single day must have been tough, Jules. I can only image the pain and suffering you had to endure lying in the sun. I don’t even remember what that thing looks like.

I know, its horrible.
It was very tough actually but I managed to stick to it. Someone has to make these sacrifices! Unbelievably, the sun has come back today and the weather girl says its staying for a while! AT LAST!

Right now I couldn’t care less about any kind of toilet paper problem… I want sunshine, Jules!

Oh man, I died and went to heaven looking at your pics. I’m mildly depressed now miss jellybobble. I’ve always wanted to go to Santorini and I’m stuck in “Iceland”. it was snowing yesterday – it’s only ever snowed in Johannesburg 12 times in over 100 years – yep its that cold. But the ever optimistic me clings to the fact that Spring is 4 weeks away ;D

I’m sorry to depress you Azra. SNOW? However, this can be nice if you are inside with a roaring fire and a hot chocolate. I am now worried about you hardly eating in these temperatures!
Just keep looking at my sunset pic and think “that will be coming here in about a month” not long Az, not long..

looks very lovely

Thank you Adam.

It was cruel of you to rub it in. HOWEVER, it looks like a marvelous place to hang out. Even though I’ve been to Greece several times, I never made it to Santorini. Now I have another destination for my bucket list.

I know, I am cruel. I love adding new places to my bucket list!

i am jealous !! so beautiful and i love doors too. i haven’t been on a decent holiday this year yet, and with summer coming to an end soon, i should say goodbye to my holiday plans, unless i’m prepared to move around in winter clothing 🙂

A kindred door lover! Yes! I am not mad! I think we all need to visit Az, apparently it’s sunny and warm there!

The thought of an “internal throat peel” made me laugh, for some reason — I wonder where one could ask for such a thing? ha
Your idea of tracking photos of doors is interesting when you realize that those greet the denizens of the structure at least once a day. Must have an impact on them — or does it just become part of the unnoticed flow of images around?

Beautiful shots of a place I may never go but now I can be there in spirit.

Internal throat peels are only 4 euros at any Greek bar!

Yes, doors really do something for me.

Thank you, I hope I have made your spirit joyous Goatman!

Hi Jules! I just wanted to say that like ever I love your blog. Reading yours constantly reminds me I I owe you a poem 🙂 that works for me:-). While I haven’t written it yet, I have managed a few posts again on my site. Lol! Baby steps back tithe light 🙂


Dean! You’re back! I shall visit your blog back this very day!

PS : Oh don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten Lord Byron!

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