Sometimes when it’s raining

June 3, 2012 9:04pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 38 Comments

Sometimes when it’s raining 
and it’s cold and grey,
Though life goes on around me,
I just don’t want to play.
Sometimes when it’s raining,
I watch the water stream as
It drips from leaves and branches,
I forget about my dreams.
Sometimes when it’s raining,
I feel a sense of woe
And not a thing inspires me,
No place I want to go.
Sometimes when it’s raining,
I think of once before,
How quickly things can change;
What lies through this next door?
Sometimes when it’s raining,
I think about the pain,
Caused by me or others
And what  was there to gain?
Sometimes when it’s raining,
I feel I want to cry,
For all of life’s atrocities;
For time that’s passed me by.
Sometimes when it’s raining,
I wonder of my part
And if what I’ve achieved,
Has even made a mark.
Sometimes when it’s raining,
Like it is today,
I want to close my weary eyes
And shut the world away.
By tortured soul Juliette, on this relentless rainy day, feeling blah, despite chocolate and pink wine and jubilee frivolity. And if anyone says “Well, the garden needs it” they can go and do one!  I hate rain. 


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Dear Miss Jellybobble, I’d gladly take the rain and give you all my sunshine, if only it were possible…

On another note, I like your poem. Hope you’re having a great long weekend either way. You can always come to JHB if it doesn’t get any better! x

Azra, you are sunshine itself! I’m packing for JHB now! 🙂

Az = sunshine? So how come she always reminds me of the horrors of life, right, Az? 😉

Oooh, I don’t think she’s read this yet!

You know she hasn’t. 🙂

Do you think if we keep replying she will get a telepathic pull? A sense of being needed?

I’ve been trying to cheer her up for some time now. To no avail. I close my eyes, concentrate and send positive energy her way…. all the way to SA. The problem is… I don’t believe in it myself so it might not actually work. Plan B: keep replying. :))

I loved this. Though my thoughts on the rain always bring me happier thoughts I loved being able to see the rain through another’s eyes. Beautiful.

Thank you Angie. I need to get happier in the rain!

This is what I love about blogging… you bump into yours friends wherever you go. Angie’s one of my first readers. She’s the best.

I thought this was lovely….but makes me feel sad for you……… ya want a nice cuppa babe??……..Dalma

Now that’s just what I need! A Dalma cuppa.

Sometimes when it’s raining and there’s nothing you can do
It’s time to scuttle into town to debenhams and shuh

I think a trip to schuh would stop me feeling blue!

Well, maybe it’s the perfect weather for watching a movie (as long as it’s not Singing in the Rain). And writing poetry too.

Maybe I should learn tap dancing for outdoor, rainy sing alongs!

the world is raining and its almost time to see the new world throw their eyes

Oooh, that sounds like the end of the world and the birth of a new one! Wait! It is the end of the world this year, isn’t it!

Cute poem Jules. I like to watch rain with hot masala chai(tea) or coffee and biscuits through the window. Getting wet isnt my cup of tea. And I hate life after rain, all the mud, drenched and ugly ambience. Yep, for my rose plant, I can live with rain.

Lovely poem by the way

Ugly ambience! Love that. Maybe I should have gone for tea and biscuits instead of wine and chocolate! I’ll shall try that next time, like in a minute, since it’s raining AGAIN!

lovely. i hate the rain as well. it has a way of dampening the spirit apart from making travelling, running errands, driving in the city all a mess.

I concur Jaya! And not good for bare foot running either! 🙂

ughh I hate it as well ! And it’s been raining soo much in sweden lately :/
lovely poem though !

Thank you and hello Victoria! What’s going on with this weather? I ts giving me triple sad!

I loved your poem. Cloudy, rainy days can surely make a person feel low sometimes. I only like them if I have nowhere I want to go. I hope for sunshine days for you!

Thank you Belle. I hope for sunshine days too. Hope, pray, beg, sell my soul…..whatever it takes!

Day five of rain here. Enough…
I won’t say, “Well, the garden needs it…” but I will say the weeds are thriving.
Excellent poem. (rain –> introspection)

Oh the weeds are thriving alright! How do they grow faster than flowers? Enough is enough! I can’t go on with this wet, wet, wetness! Thank you 🙂

Sometimes when it’s raining, / I feel a sense of woe / And not a thing inspires me, / No place I want to go. I know what that feels like. I think it’s what makes us human, Juliette. The rain just makes it worse.

Thats very true RCB. I am in desperate need of sunshine!

P.S. Loved the poem.

Thank you RCB , 🙂

And now the rain feels worth it – as without it there wouldn’t be a beautiful poem like this!

You’ve been ‘recommended’ to be by Gorilla Bananas… your post on Barcelona, to be exact… so I’ve popped by and like what I see…

: )

Thank you Hannah! And thank you Mr GB 🙂

Really nice poem Juliette, I live in Vancouver, BC (aka raincouver). For me when its raining I’m the most productive and relaxed.

Easy – Easy like Sunday morning then? Since you cope with raincouver! I must go to Vancouver, I’ve heard all things lovely about it!

Great poem! I totally agree with the sentiment – I hate this rainy weather we’re having. (Believe me Ireland is worse!!) There’s nothing more depressing and dispiriting. I practically got down on my knees and rejoiced today when I saw a blue sky and a scattering of sun!
And if they invented a way of seeding clouds to produce rain, surely they can come up with a way of deflating and dispersing them!!!!

We had sun for a whole day yesterday. Then guess what? Today? RAINING!

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