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So, I’ve written a novel. The title is “Sophie’s Throughway.” Now whilst I have every intention of promoting my book in all the usual, relentless marketing ways, what I want to do first is explain to you the reason I wrote this story.

I embarked on this novel a couple of years ago as part of a global and personal challenge. After which, I left it alone despite people telling me I should publish it. Eventually, I decided that would be a good idea and set about editing it and getting it to the publisher.

The story is refreshing in that it deals with Asperger syndrome and the effects that has on people. Now most books I have read on this subject have been either factual or novels from the view point of the person with Asperger’s or other. In my story, it deals with the affect this has on the family which is all too often unnoticed.

I believe that people are generally frightened by the word ‘Autism’ and usually associate it with extreme behaviour patterns such as “Rain Man,” the film in which Dustin Hoffman plays an autistic savant. This is not always the case as the autistic spectrum falls under a large umbrella with varying degrees, each person having individual qualities and social difficulties of their own to contend with. In the case of my story I am dealing with a teenager who has a biting intellect coupled with a controlling manner which causes countless disruptions in a society which is, more often than not, unaccepting of such behaviour. Whilst we all like to think we are humanitarian and forgiving, in my experience we all tend to be a lot lot less tolerant than we might lead people to believe.

The story follows the plight of a woman called Sophie who has to juggle her life around to accommodate the effects Asperger’s has on her marriage, her family, her work and her daughter. It highlights the day to day struggles that families have to cope with; sometimes just getting through a 24 hour period can be an exhausting and emotional battlefield. I hope this novel can shed light on people living in these circumstances and help others to understand the trials that come their way, the sacrifices they are forced to make and sometimes the crutches they use to keep them sane.

The novel is around 200 pages in length so around the same length as “The Great Gatsby” or “Animal Farm” or “A Christmas Carol.” It is not an epic and it doesn’t have to be. I don’t believe a story has to be a saga to make an impact. Whilst the novel relates a lot to the aforementioned subject it has romantic mystery, rollercoaster events and is often quite comedic. The cover came third place in the quarterly book cover awards and is meant to highlight the protagonist, Sophie, with a head full of wonderful mess. Despite the cover being quite feminine, this story has been read by many males who have engaged with it well. I urge you guys not to judge this book by its floral design and to embrace your feminine book cover!

My strengths lie in getting a message across in a storytelling fashion and I feel as a writer that I am able to engage the reader and leave them feeling the intended emotion. Those of you that have read my short stories and follow my blog know that I’m not afraid to reach deep within and yank those feelings out, whether it’s uncomfortable or not. If I can manage to give comfort to those living in this situation and at the same time bring awareness to others with this heart warming tale, then I have done my job.

I hope you will support me and tell everyone you can about “Sophie’s Throughway.”

The book is available in paperback and as an Ebook from 28th September 2015.

Want to know more?  Click here.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784623852
EBook ISBN: 9781784625849



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Aspergers? Didn’t you have that as the subject of your A to Z challenge last year?

I’m guessing that to write about it with such authority, you must have some personal experience on the subject?

I won’t pry.

But hey! You’ve published a novel! Wow!! I wish you every success with it and in years to come, when the paparazzi are snapping pictures of you and JK Rowling taking afternoon tea at The Ritz, I’ll be able to say, “Of course, I knew her when she used to take pictures of manhole covers.”

Yes I did but that was nearly three years ago! After that I had the door stories (surely you remember!) and then The Meaning of Life. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having blogging fun!

I have a rich experience in many things, Masher, with a proclivity for psychopathy and Sci-Fi erotica 😉

Thank you very much. And if that should ever happen then I’ll be teaching Ms Rowling how to take manhole photographs. She needs to learn.

Many many congratulations on you book! I love that it is told from the perspective of a mother. Looking forward to reading this one! 🙂

Thank you very much, Aditi and thanks for your support 🙂

so proud of you, mah dahlin, congrats! this calls for a pizza party *)

Haha! A pizza party indeed! Thank you my sweet for your kind words and support as ever. *)

I just bought the book (pre-ordered through and look forward to it’s delivery.

Wow! Thank you, Larry. That means a lot to me 🙂

I realised you knew a lot about this subject when you wrote that story for the A to Z challenge. Congratulations on completing the novel – it’s the perfect length for a novel in my view!

Thank you, Mr. Gorilla Bananas 🙂 Just trying to follow in the footsteps of my worthy readers!

I think it’s plenty. I make the point because I think the book industry demands more sometimes which I find all a little pretentious. I hate books that ramble on with unnecessary detail just to pad them out. Get to the point, is my preference. Also, with this tale, it’s getting the balance right. There’s a lot I couldn’t put in here as it would be too overwhelming for people and I need them to understand and empathise with characters rather than leave them bewildered or shocked. It’s a tricky business 🙂

I have just pre-ordered it, Jules. I’m so proud of you. I remember the first time I read a post of yours like it was yesterday thinking, She is special. Of course, that was many years ago, and I feel my life has been enriched by your presence. There. How’s that for brutal honesty?

Now, you were talking Margaritas…

Thank you so much..(blowing chocolate sprinkled, frothy kisses) Ha! A lot of people who know me would also call me special but with a very different tone!
What beautiful and kind sentiments and I give it back to you tenfold. You can bring your brutal honesty any day of the week. There should be a lot more of it given out, in my opinion.
You too have enriched my life. There are key people, all with their individual qualities that I blog jump with that I consider to be some of the greatest people in my life. I am lucky to have some very good friends in life, ones that actually meet up with me weekly and have known me for donkeys. I often say to them that some of my blog followers mean as much to me as the closest people in my life do. Now, I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s true. Here are people who get me, are supportive, witty, intelligent, caring and unique. I have actual feelings of great worth and would smack any arse for ever hurting them, protect them from all evil and give back my love and friendship forever. Don’t forget that, because that’s where you belong in my heart, Grumpy 🙂
Margarita awaits…

I won’t forget it. I may turn senile one day and still remember.

This is great, Jules! Congratulations! Will definitely buy one, hope they ship to SG.

Thank you, Dee. I hope they do but if they don’t, tell me and Ill ship it for you 🙂

I have tremendous admiration for anyone who can slog through writing a book. I wish I had it in my but I just don’t. It’s best left to the professionals, like yourself. I’m an old world book man (but not old and will wait for a print version. Then, when you pass through New York City, you can inscribe it. That’s kind of a big deal to me. Congrats. Much good fortune and luck to you.

Well thank you very much 🙂

And, the paperback comes out first, next Monday. And, I’ll be more than happy to sign it when I’m passing through the Big Apple. I’ll even insist on buying you a Martini Gin. That’s how cool I am.

I look forward to reading it. It sounds wonderful and u are such a wonderful storyteller.

Hope u have been well.

Hey, Stormy D, how are you? Hope you’re doing OK.
Thank you very much and for your lovely comments. Hope you enjoy it 🙂 x

Fabulous work, darling.

Bloddy hell, Kitty! I’m honoured!

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