Street View

July 28, 2014 5:20pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 16 Comments


The aquaculturist: I’m just a cool playboy, chillin’ in my 110’s, bro.


Disengaged: Done for and disinterested. Text talk only. Unoccupied duality.

Dossing in disused doorways.

drunk 1

Befuddled: Everything used to be good.  Once.  What happened? I’m lost; confused.  Buy me a drink, pal?

guy and kid

Trams and trails:  Riding the city. Ditching the wheels and slowing the spin.

Taking in the daily cycle.

indian girls

The unsullied:   “Is that the dress I just bought in Primark?’

                               “Yeah…but it looks better on you. “

old woman

Golden days: “Things ‘aint what they used to be when I were a lass.”

paper man

Fine tuning the periodical: Unknowingly framing the nations heroes.

tree man

In’tree’spective: Support from the daily grind as a long, hot summer, passes by.



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None of them even noticed you were taking their picture, Jules. You must have perfected the art of slinking stealthily like a she-leopard! I like the first one best, because of the jets of water arcing over the lazy fellow. He didn’t get wet, did he?

I was very candid. I really like street photography but it feels terribly invasive and I’m scared of getting abuse! I’m going to see the Vivian Maier film/doc this week- she was a REAL she-leopard! Hopefully I can glean some skills. I should work for MI5, I’ve always said it.

No he didn’t! That would’ve made a fun shot! 🙂

Masterful captures of life and living life.

Thank you, Larry! 🙂

sumptuous slice-of-life shots, Juli, such striking B&W.

i believe in the duality of life: light exists as a function of dark, white of black, and a doorway’s disuse as a function of great uses of a door, like your blog series on doors or, say, a Mansion door *)

Thank you, sweet Phoenix *)

I do too, even the yin and yang symbol holds a presence of both. It makes for balance.
Mansion door is the BEST door!

That man needs to finish getting dressed. Button that shirt, sir!

Virgin money. Ha. That’s funny. Money is anything but.

Did you get your finger in the shot of that old woman? Is that a woman? Seems somewhat sexually ambiguous to me.

It was hot, he needed a tan!

Yeah, I thought that was funny.

No it’s a shiny railing thing in the corner. I was on a low wall behind bushes being covert! Yes, the old lady is an old lady!

Ooo sneaky Jules…these shots are great. I absolutely love candids and just like everything else you do, you’ve done these perfectly.

I know….so sneaky! It frightens me to be honest, I need to do more of this so I can get better at it because I have a street idea!
Thank you for such kind words, Tracy 🙂

I had no idea you were so amazing at catching “life” through a lens. I’m not a huge fan of “posed” photos, so these totally ring true with me.

Thank you, Crystal 🙂
I don’t like posed pictures either, much prefer to see humans in motion or unawares!

Out and about, were ye?
Nice off the cuff pics.

Hey Goatman! How’s life?

Yeah, I was out and about shooting folk 🙂

Thank you and good to see you here!

These shots remind me of The Wire for some reason. Very nice.

Now that was a great series. Thank you Fredulous, I’m honoured.

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