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May 14, 2012 7:48pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 18 Comments

I have been tagged by the beautiful and charming Azra.  You can read her fabulous blog here or here or even here.  I have only ever been tagged when playing with the boys in the playground or on some hideous facebook photograph so I feel quite honoured, like part of a gang. 
Here are the list of questions I have been tagged to answer:
1: What is your favourite saying or motto?
   “Do not go to your grave with the music still inside you” Zig Ziglar
2: What is your dream job?
    I’d really have to be an “Ideas” person.  A serial entrepreneur with a shed load of cash to back me up.  “You go do this and this and here’s the money whilst I move on to my next marvelous, ground breaking idea”.  Or I’d be person B.  I’d take from person A and sell on to person C =  earn money whilst doing nothing. This then leaves me free to dabble in my creative pursuits, of which there are many.  None of which I could turn into a dream job for when I try to make that which I love a career, it becomes a chore and I lose interest.
3: What part of the world do you have little interest in travelling to and which part of the world is next on your list?
    I have never had the urge to go to Australia because of the insanely long flight and the bird eating spiders.  However, I’m sure I’d love it when I got there.  I’m also not too keen on India having seen it from Karl Pilkingtons point of view. Next on my list is Bora Bora if I win the lottery ( and can stop several times on the way) or Key West.
4: If you could live anywhere where would it be?
  I think I’d have to have homes dotted around the globe. My ideal would be this:  A warm climate with unspoiled beaches and calm turquoise sea combined with a town full of art and quirkiness, meandering streets and beautiful architecture.  
5: When you travel do you prefer to go the city or the countryside?
     I like both.  I also like the seaside.
6: What is the last thing you think about before falling asleep?
    I must remember to post that thing in my handbag, damn I forgot and oh no, there’s a ladder in my stay up stockings so I won’t be able to wear my grey dress to that meeting tomorrow….but the ladder is at the toe part, if I stick a bit of nail varnish on it it might stop laddering and I can wear my knee high boots…hmm…if it’s hot though I’m gonna look stupid.  What’s that noise?  It’s bright outside, I wonder if it’s a full moon, forgot to check my lunar calender.  Where’s my ipad?  Bugger, I forgot to put my phone on charge…merrrr….can’t be bothered now. I wonder how big the Universe really is…I wish I could paint like David Hockney.. I hate my pillow….yaddah, yaddah, yaddah, blah, blah, ZZZZzzzzzzzz….
7: Are you a gardener or a garden admirer?
I am a garden admirer.  I love looking at nature and beautiful flowers.  Look at this bluebell I photographed yesterday

  Did you know that if you are able to turn a bluebell inside out without breaking it you will meet your one true love?  
8: Do you enjoy cooking?  If so what are some of the meals you like to prepare when you entertain?
I do like cooking as long as I have the time to be creative.  I am a master at Christmas dinner and prepare many things weeks in advance then get really annoyed when it’s all been eaten in 15 minutes!  I love pasta and my take on lasagne is legendary.
9: Do you parallel park or drive round the block?
    I was taught to drive properly by a maniacal sales manager ergo I can handbrake turn, blindfolded, into the tightest space. 
10: If there were 7 people from any period in time you could invite to dinner who would they be?
    Well if you go HERE  you will see I wrote a post on this game some time ago.  I have ten people and I’m not changing it as I like to flaunt the rules.
11: Have you ever written or would you like to write a short story or memoir?
     I’d love to write a book but lack the discipline. It is miraculous that I’ve managed to write a blog for this long.
12: What kind of music helps you unwind?
      This is difficult for me as I don’t really use music to unwind, I use it to lift my spirits or reminisce.  For relaxing I like the sound of nature, or the sea, or bizarre, hooting jungle noises!  The track I find most fits this question for me is ’Slip into something more comfortable’
13: When was the last time you cried?
      When I ate an insanely red hot, chili stuffed olive.
14: Which lyrics aptly describe your love life?
     “Im a firestarter, twisted firestarter”  followed by  “Im easy, easy like Sunday morning”(and I mean easy going!) 
OR – “What’s that coming over the hill, is it a monster?”  just KIDDING! 
15: What do you most enjoy about blogging and what advice would you give to new bloggers?
     Blogging is like verbal art. I love the social interaction between other fellow bloggers.  My advice would be this:  Only do it if you enjoy it or it’s just paperwork.
Now then, based on that information what would you buy me for Christmas?


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Based on some of your answers, I’d have to buy you a guaranteed winning lottery ticket for Christmas. But I don’t know how that would be possible because if I HAD a guaranteed winning lottery ticket, I’d keep it. Plus, if it was a guaranteed winner, I’d probably have obtained it illegally, end up caught and go to jail. And if I’d even given you half the winnings, you might end up in jail too – as an accomplice.

This is the kind of thinking I do when drifting off to sleep…

I think I’ll just be wishing you a Merry Christmas. 😉

Do it Beth, do it! I’ll take the jail risk! I love how your “I’m going to sleep” mind works. I totally get it.

I can testify to the legend that is Jules’ lasagne (if I creep enough I may get some this week :D) However, the parking issue hmmm not so sure on that having also witnessed your attempts in multi-storey car-parks!!! I laughed out loud at the memory of the chilli stuffed olive (told you that they were the food of Satan, you’ll listen to me in future!) and at your total honesty at your complete lack of self discipline and inability to focus on anything for more than a nano-second!! Which brings me to your Christmas present…

Obviously you need me to be back in your life on a daily basis so I’ll just pop on a bow and sit under your tree waiting for that Christmas dinner you speak of 😉

I may see what I can do on the Lasagne front…along with wine of course! Yes, chlli olives – never again, not EVER. I think ‘nano second’ is a bit long, I’d get bored way before that. OI! I’m a brilliant parker!

A wise Christmas gift but I need it early or I’ll never get ANYTHING done. There aren’t enough nano seconds in the day 😉

I would give you a flying saucer which you could drive to Australia and beyond. I think you’d enjoy the solar system once you were there.

What an excellent gift. Are you driving?

i didnt know that about bluebells 🙂 now i should look for some bluebells just for the heck of it. hahahhaha.
i agree with your comment about music completely. it works about the same with me. to seriously unwind, i need everything off with just natural sounds.

I thought about trying it but i know I’ll rip it! And if it didn’t break and Prince Charming DID NOT arrive My fairy tale beliefs would be shattered. I can’t possibly take the risk! Back to the sounds of the rain forest…ah…all is well.

You are right Miss Jellybobble, we are so alike! 🙂 When I saw this post with that header pic on my sidebar, for a split second I thought “How did my blog end up there?” LOL.

Anyway, for Christmas, I would totally buy you a ticket to Bora Bora or Curaçao. But if I’m going to buy a ticket for you then I’d HAVE to buy one for me too 🙂

Spot quiz: Who do you think would win in a fight, Eminem or Adolf Hitler?

From Miss Doodlebug

Ha Ha! SOMEONE HAS STOLEN MY BLOG! Oh yes, Curacao (please note can not find wiggly thingy for the c on mac keyboard) LET’S GOOOOO….
Definitely Eminem – He’d rap Hitler into a frenzy!

I’d get you an Argos voucher.

I get everyone Argos vouchers.
It’s the gift that keeps on giving.
Till it runs out.

That’s just what I always wanted. I’m going through the catalogue now…How much have I got? 😉

Are you talking about our Bora Bora? Excellent choice! And yes, going to Australia is not as much fun as being there, I’m quite sure. A fire-starter? Is that a fact?

Yes! A blogorama at Bora Bora…what a fabulous idea. I want a hut with a glass floor though! Or I may start a fire! 🙂

Your bluebells are absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you Deirdre. They are such beautiful, elegant, old fashioned flowers.

As I’m getting maried I should get myself a bluebell and turn it inside out without breaking it…

NO! Don’t do it! There’s no need now. If you’re getting married, your true love is found. Congratulations! 🙂

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