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The Torment of Time Travel

Satirical Snapshots Bringing You Whimsy On A Wednesday!  A terrible and wicked thing happened. Whimsy got kidnapped.  I know. But don’t worry, I managed to save it at the eleventh hour as is my normal policy.  To my worthy readers – forgive me.  I know that without this humorous little piece of penmanship that life […]

Response to an offended American

This is a guest post by  Harrison Smith – an avid supporter of his Mother and all of her fanciful endeavours. First things first… I might as well preface this article by letting you know a few things about myself: I’m not good at this writing malarkey. There are few (if any) things in life that […]

So Farceur Good

Satirical Snapshots Bringing You Whimsy On A Wednesday! The trouble with being a slightly deranged, practising mentalist and playing psychology for sport on fellow Homo sapiens is this: Boundaries. Let’s talk about boundaries. No. Changed my mind. I’m already bored. Talking of being trapped in suffocating boxes… Confessions of A Car Cock I got picked […]

Whimsy On A Wednesday

Satirical Snapshots Brings you ~ Whimsy on a Wednesday. Because I like alliteration. Because I like whimsy and because…well, I’d rather like to change Wednesdays. My people have told me that I need to be defined, dedicated and determined. See what I mean about alliteration? Apparently, that’s the done thing. I should be consistent. Post […]


  Now that the English bird is back in situ, I have had a lot of Americans’ and Brits wanting to know what I’m missing and how I’m feeling about being back ‘ome. So, after a couple of weeks back in Gods’ country, here are my thoughts: My initial reaction was inertia. I’m only just […]