Tag: April A-Z Blog Challenge 2016

B is for Bait, Tackle and Temple.

OK, so I’m a little late with B.  See, thing is I got totally lost in the great outdoor world of the Bass Pro Shop and ended up falling to sleep in my dream boat.  This shop is so big that it’s taken me this long to escape.  I am now fully armed and back […]

A is for America (well..of course it is)

Howdy Y’all! Here I am reporting directly from Texas having landed safe and secure and yet to be arrested or shot. It’s early days but let me tell you my findings so far: First off, after a ten hour flight and some dodgy chicken pasta courtesy of BA, I had to wait in a queue […]

The Big Reveal – April A-Z Blog Challenge 2016!

“Houston, we have a problem.” “What? Again?” “It’s worse this time. Much worse. Operation Hoedown.” *crickets*………………… “Go on…?” “She’s coming. For a whole month. Maybe even longer if she gives us the slip.” “She? You mean HER? No, you cannot be serious. Can we not intervene?’ “No. She’s protected by HRH, Her Majesty’s Government and […]