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It’s amazing how familiarity breeds contempt makes you do weird stuff.  On my daily walk, where I perambulate around the same nearby park, I try to entertain myself with whatever is about my person.  

A panorama of the woods can get old quickly and a bit too green and, like most of these types of photos, the view is always better in real life.  However,  getting yourself upside down and inside out and making a canorama (

Autumnal Art Philosophy

Satirical Snapshots Bringing You Whimsy On A Wednesday! Autumn’s here, it’s getting colder, feeling tired and somewhat older, Rain is forecast all week long, To lingering light we say,“so long” There’s no more eating out el-fresco, Mince pies already on sale in Tesco,  Summer has made a drastic exit, Unlike the never-ending Brexit. And that’s […]


Watching him flutter around the seed holder was a beautiful distraction at 4. 30 in the morning.  Little Robin Redbreast. Nature made sure we could see that bursting glow from your chest and we humanise it as it is our nature to poetically do so. Little Robin: your heart was meant to scare and ours […]

Save A Smile For The Cowboy

The song playing in her car poked at the vulnerability evident in my chest.  Cool yet broken country boys moaning sweet melancholy from their hearts and connecting straight with mine as the car rocked gently in tune with the musical notes. It’s funny how you can connect with someone’s words without ever knowing them.  Just […]

Chew On This!

Satirical Snapshots Bringing You Whimsy On A Wednesday! Today, I thought I’d touch on a bit of Art Philosophy. It’s been a while since I’ve stood back and taken a wondering, quizzical gander at some of the stuff I come across. Very remiss of me and I apologise for not keeping you all abreast of current […]