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Christmas Sign Off

Satirical snapshots bringing you whimsy on a wednesday. Word up I’m part of a collective that share word of the day with each other in order that we can all become walking, spouting lexicons. It doesn’t really work very well for me being a down to earth kind of girl who tells it how it […]

H is for Hats, Heart Attack Potato and House Of Blues

So I’m still waiting for my hat to be engineered which I’m a little bit annoyed about now that I’m getting into the American psyche of “But I need it yesterday!” I thought you got everything when you wanted it over here? Look at hat man though, he takes his job seriously so for that, […]

Ad-Vantage Smith, Jules Smith.

Right people, I need your help. I want and need an Aston Martin. It has always been my dream car and having just been to see Spectre last night, my desire has been further fuelled to the point of distraction. I’m in the know with some people at Silverstone and have been offered the opportunity […]