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Z s for Zydeco

So, Zipping up the finale of this years Ay-to-Zed, I went to visit a joint called Jax Grill. This place has a cool vibe with a semi Caribbean, outside hut feel mixed wth old school American diner. The food is plentiful and comprised of nachos, fajitas, Cajun gumbo, crawfish, steaks, catfish, shrimp, burgers and so […]

Y is for Y’all Know It’s About The Boots

I have a list of odd and/or interesting places to visit in Houston.  Today I decided to go to a store that has been a local institution for Lone Star trinkets, knick knacks and vintage cowboy boots. Texas Junk Co. isn’t the kind of store that you’ll come across during a visit—it’s a destination, all on […]

X is for X-Ray Star, X-Class Flares and X-Band Terrestrial

Today I visited the NASA Johnson Space Center and the only Smithsonian Affiliate in the greater Houston area. I felt very spaced out and I’ve prepared a visual feast to make you feel the same. one of my favourite jokes before we start: What do you do with a spaceman? Park your car in it, […]

W is for Weapon # 2

I arrived back home in Texas Cowgirl land this morning where I belong. “I’m back!”  I said to the gun crew at the shooting range. “Ah, welcome back, English!” “I want a rifle.  My friend said a .22 rifle might be a good idea?” “Nah.. we’re going to let you play with this!” they said, […]

V is for Volant

What to do today, I thought, for the letter V. I mean, I’m on vacation in Florida as they say over here so I could use that but that would be a bit lame, much too tame and not very me. How much sea, sand and Pina Colada’s can I show you at the end […]