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V is for Volant

What to do today, I thought, for the letter V. I mean, I’m on vacation in Florida as they say over here so I could use that but that would be a bit lame, much too tame and not very me. How much sea, sand and Pina Colada’s can I show you at the end […]

U is for Under the Weather

  Under the weather of sunny blue skies in a different state: Sometimes, I say it best, when I say nothing at all..

F is for Fancy Footwork

So let me tell y’all ‘bout last night….. My fairy godmother took me to the ball. OH YES SIREE, SHE DID. Off to the Wild West I went ready for a full on session of country dancing dressed in Levi’s , cowboy boots and the ubiquitous checked shirt. And red lippy. Always red lippy. It […]