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A Song To The Cowboy

Sing a song for the cowboy as he rides lonesome and brooding along the dusty trail trying to be a better man.

A Rural Rodeo

Satirical Snapshots Bringing You Whimsy On A Wednesday! I left you all in the lurch last week because I was too busy enjoying myself on my rural rodeo.  Sometimes, a city chick needs a hiatus.  Besides, you can’t miss me if I’m here all the time. So, I’m back in the good old US of […]

Home Run

Coming back from Colorado proved entertaining. First off I had to get a plane from Durango to Denver. This isn’t so much of a flight but more an airborne rollercoaster in a small tube. After scoffing down a ‘Durango Scramble’ breakfast I felt a tad delicate. I had a good two hours and fifteen minutes […]


  Dear heart, Since I left, I’ve lingered over your pictures and felt the yearning to be back in your fullness; they do not do justice to your grace. I find myself stumbling over words, none able to express my feeling or indeed, captivate the essence of your glory. I considered some feeble attempt at […]