Tag: Cowboys

A Song To The Cowboy

Sing a song for the cowboy as he rides lonesome and brooding along the dusty trail trying to be a better man.

Travel Narrative Competition

Winning isn’t everything. My story shortlisted in the UK’s #1 Writing Magazine.

Water,Water Everywhere – Get Me A Drink!

Satirical Snapshots bringing you frivolity on a Friday cos…well.. Whimsy on a Wednesday got blown away by this…. WET WET WET Remember them? I used to call them crap crap crap but that’s just me. Rain. Relentless, thrashing down rain from morning to night for two days solid. That’s what New York had to offer […]

Fort What It’s Worth

Satirical snapshots bringing you whimsy on a wednesday (still from across the pond) Limey in the badlands I made it to Forth Worth where I went to The Stockyards. This place has got my name written all over it: cowboys, boots, horses, steers, Honky Tonks, big trucks, steak ’n’ ribs. Cowgirl heaven. The unconventional cowgirl […]

Guns Along The Gold Road

God, don’t you just hate Easter? Well HE does cos his only son died. So lets talk about books. In fact, let’s talk about ghostwriting. Ooh…spooky. No it’s not writing about ghosts, though that’d be fun wouldn’t it? You all know what a ghostwriter is, I know that cos everyone who comes on here knows […]