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Wetting the Bed

Lets talk about rain. You know that kind of rain where you think..hmmm…where’s my bible, I need to read that bit about Noah. Now it’s not like I’m not used to this since I live in England but if you’ve been watching the news then you will see that there have been some horrendous floods […]

What The Duck?

  It’s been a long time since I travelled with mother so I thought I’d visit her in her village. Now whilst you may think that’s not really travelling, it is for two very good reasons: 1: It’s 45 minutes away which is a long time to travel in England. I can be in Paris […]

An English Perspective

She walks in beauty, treading carefully in her kingdom before she falters and is silenced by the whispers in the ether. Still, surrounded then by sea and air and land she waits and takes her vantage point. Like an armada, the dreams invade and take romantic movement in her soul; daring to consume and scrambling […]