Tag: Houston

P is for Pinto Ranch

No, it’s not a real ranch but that’s on the bucket list once the weather has calmed down. Horses don’t like swimming. This place is the pièces de résistance in Western wear and in my attempt to become an authentic cowgirl, I simply had to visit this quality, expensive outlet. I didn’t have a raft […]

O is for” Oh Shit, I Forgot My Brolly.”

Well what did I tell you? If you scroll back to my “Big Reveal”  I made it quite clear that strange things would happen like freak weather occurrences when I came into town. When I say something, it happens. It may be prudent to keep this in mind. So yesterday it started to rain. Big […]

N is for Ninfa’s On Navigation.

Houston, which is so big it blows my tiny English mind, has more than 10,000 restaurants. More than. I thought about that and how if I ate out every single day from now at each one, it would take me more than 27 years to complete that challenge. Don’t anyone dare throw that gauntlet down […]

M is for Motor Cars

Now I like a nice motor, ya know? My choice would be an Aston Martin were I rich enough and since I’ve been residing in the good old US of A I’ve looked at which car I’d choose to drive if I stayed here. I came to the conclusion that I’d need two. Naturally. One […]

A is for America (well..of course it is)

Howdy Y’all! Here I am reporting directly from Texas having landed safe and secure and yet to be arrested or shot. It’s early days but let me tell you my findings so far: First off, after a ten hour flight and some dodgy chicken pasta courtesy of BA, I had to wait in a queue […]