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Eris Day

Satirical Snapshots Bringing You… Rather full up from yesterday’s pancake day where you force fed yourself batter and are now suffering from some sort of gluttonous intolerance, and now it’s Ash Wednesday which means you have to repent not only to God but also to your partner because it’s also Valentine’s Day and you got […]

The Good, The Bad, And So Ugly It Hurts

At some time, whatever you wear to disguise yourself or hide from the world, someone will see the truth. That someone will push buttons so hard inside it will seem like all the demons from Hell are hungry for your flesh only. You will come to question yourself in a way you never did before […]

Lip Service

Valentine’s day should be left to the freshly fallen lovers. At this stage of amour your beloved only has to say hello to you and it’s the best present in the world. Next year, you have your work cut out for you. This day is at its most exciting when you receive a mysterious card […]

Happy New Year 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Big Ben has chimed it in.  It’s official.  The New Year has arrived and since we invented time, that means it is so.  If you’ve already celebrated or are waiting to then you’re premature or incredibly late. http://youtu.be/DRy90K2ot_4 Here’s to another 365 days of bliss.  I can’t smile wide enough. Wishing all […]

His Mo(u)rning

First thing in the morning was never good.  The place was silent and absent of activity apart from the faint humming of the fridge and the distant noise of neighbours going about their business.  He took a small glass of water and let the tap run and spill into the mug she had used a […]