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Toe Be or Not Toe Be?

Warning: Your big toe is vitally important and should not be trifled with under any circumstance. Read all about it here…

Awkward Annie

Oh, well hello, and fancy seeing you here, big smile, winky face, you need to pull up a chair, dear. And please, ignore my common mask all painted up and pretty, that’s just to keep you feeling safe, to make you think I’m normal, cos underneath the usual is really rather gritty. The joker smiles […]

For Better Or Worse?

  Tomorrow my mother is getting married for the fourth time. Now that’s what you call believing in the sanctity of marriage, so hats off to her for that. I’ve started to call her Zsa Zsa which she’s taken umbrage to but I felt it was a vast improvement from mommy dearest. You just can’t […]