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Water,Water Everywhere – Get Me A Drink!

Satirical Snapshots bringing you frivolity on a Friday cos…well.. Whimsy on a Wednesday got blown away by this…. WET WET WET Remember them? I used to call them crap crap crap but that’s just me. Rain. Relentless, thrashing down rain from morning to night for two days solid. That’s what New York had to offer […]

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Satirical snapshots bringing you whimsy on a Wednesday from across the pond! I’m in the garden in a state. Wait, that’s not right… I’m in New Jersey, The Garden State where I have been given the run of my friends lovely house and a fridge full of bacon and yummy fodder and am being beautifully […]

Whimsy On A Wednesday

Satirical Snapshots Brings you ~ Whimsy on a Wednesday. Because I like alliteration. Because I like whimsy and because…well, I’d rather like to change Wednesdays. My people have told me that I need to be defined, dedicated and determined. See what I mean about alliteration? Apparently, that’s the done thing. I should be consistent. Post […]