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The Art Philosopher

Some of you may know that I wryly refer to myself as the “Art Philosopher” on this here web page. Firstly because I don’t see why I shouldn’t grace myself with a title that feeds my closet narcissist ( I use the word closet with a smidgen of irony) and secondly because my in depth […]

Lip Service

Valentine’s day should be left to the freshly fallen lovers. At this stage of amour your beloved only has to say hello to you and it’s the best present in the world. Next year, you have your work cut out for you. This day is at its most exciting when you receive a mysterious card […]

Barmy and Barny

  There are some rather interesting people who live near me.  In fact, they make me seem quite normal and boring. For starters, there’s the interestingly dressed lady and her three legged dog.  I am fascinated by this woman because she is ALWAYS walking her dog.  Morning, noon and night. I think this is why […]