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The Art Philosopher

Some of you may know that I wryly refer to myself as the “Art Philosopher” on this here web page. Firstly because I don’t see why I shouldn’t grace myself with a title that feeds my closet narcissist ( I use the word closet with a smidgen of irony) and secondly because my in depth […]

Pins and Needles

Paul is homeless.  I saw him sitting at this fence just before Camden market, where the world opens up into a funky, edgy, retro heaven.  A place full of vision where old school meets the now.  Eclectic.   He was drinking a can of lager and cheering on the young musician nearby who was singing […]

The Billy Wynt

The pretty little house sat halfway up the hill on Cemetery Road, in the Rhondda Valley,  steps away from the thousands that lay sleeping forever under rhyming tablets and yesterdays flowers. “Things are looking grave,”  I said to the Welsh boy who lived there as he carried in the luggage for my friend and I.  […]