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Confessions Of A Shop Steward-Part 5: Flash

I got a call from senior management one morning when I was at home on my day off. “There’s been a serious incident. Lee’s exposed himself to a member of staff.” My first response was to laugh, like any bloke would. “Not funny Brad. Not joking. He’s been suspended and needs to liaise with you […]

Confessions Of A Shop Steward-Part 4: Mr.Singh And The Sat Nav.

Sat Nav’s are wonderful things. Wonderful in the fact that they’re programmed from Ordnance Survey maps and tell you where to go. Allegedly. I sat in the office one bright, sunny morning, tucking into one of ‘Old Tuckers’ breakfast cobs, when I received a call from Mr. Singh. Mr. Singh is a quiet chap and […]

Confessions Of A Shop Steward- Part 3: Big John

  There are some people in life you really don’t want to meet and Big John is one of them. The company had an incentive to help rehabilitate people in the workplace, taking on guys that had served a couple of prison sentences and now needed work. The main drivers, me being one of them, […]

Confessions Of A Shop Steward – Part 2: Bob.

“Brad, we have a major problem and Bob’s been suspended pending investigation,” said Jim from senior management. “Bob?” I queried. “Old Bob?” “Yep. That’s the fella. There’s a meeting next week and he should be giving you a call to come along and support him.” I was surprised that Bob, who was close to retirement, […]

Confessions Of A Shop Steward – Part 1: Brad.

My name is Brad and I’m a trucker. Sometimes people find it amusing to change that word but they only do it once. I’ve done this job for 17 years, travelling the roads five to six days a week and knocking up 70-80 hours. I often sleep in my cab at various service stations around […]