The art of doing nothing

June 25, 2011 9:20pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 1 Comment

Now let’s start with the fact that I am terrible at doing nothing. I am like a machine; I’m either on or off. Relaxing irritates me and I feel as though I should be ‘doing things’ especially when I’m visiting a new country. However, in this quaint little village of Malcesine you’re either a mountain biker (no I’m not) or on a go slow. So, as I lay by the pool in the scorching heat listening to some R&B on my iPad I figured that it was time for me to embrace the art of doing nothing. I think the Dalai Lama would be pleased with this. However, I found It very difficult to still my mind. As I gazed at the mountains I wondered whether I should be climbing one but they looked very high. Plus even breathing in and out was proving an effort and my kitten heels and wedges weren’t really appropriate footwear. Not even my converse would make it up those rugged hillsides. So I lay still trying to master the model like ways of looking like a magazine cover girl in my bikini which is very difficult when you’re on the verge of melting, your sunglasses are burning your cheeks and bizarre looking insects are landing on your toes. I was very tired though; there’s something about this place that puts you into a zombified coma. I managed 2 hours of relative stillness before retreating to the shade for a nice cuppa. The problem was that I was so tired and relaxed I forgot to open my mouth to sip my tea and poured it all down my front. How insane! Decided to take a stroll down to the cafe with free WI- FI and treat myself to a pastrami sandwich, cafe latte and half carafe of vino Rosso. I am also concerned that this country is turning me into highly caffeinated alcoholic. Ah well, when in Rome. Or Malcesine. Whiled away a good couple of hours gazing at the shimmering lago di Garda whilst writing (ok and a bit of playing – got to keep my brain alive!) and watching all the other chilled out people shuffling along in the heat. I love people watching, it’s highly entertaining! I decided that if I was actually going to make it through the night alive and refreshed I needed to go back to my hotel and have a siesta. I either have sleeping sickness, legionnaires disease or, I have actually learnt to relax!
Woke up at 8 pm- unbelievable! Felt worse, even more tired and like I’d got jet lag or something. Got ready and went out to sit near the harbour having a large tequila sunrise and a tortellini with ham and cream. There was a music festival going on which was brilliant. Sat listening to live musicians playing different styles of music. Particularly enjoyed the Spanish guitarists who woke me up and got me back in a hyper mood ready for my adventures tomorrow! Fantastico!

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Just fell asleep reading this lol xx

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