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October 9, 2019 11:28am Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 29 Comments

Satirical Snapshots Bringing You Whimsy On A Wednesday!

I have often said that coffee is not just a drink but an occasion. As a Brit Chick my natural go-to is a nice cup of tea and a sit down but coffee has made its impact as a staple part in my breakfasting and morning mental health. When in America I opt for a bucket of cold, creamy coffee because it suits the Texan heat, whilst in good old Blighty I’m more prone to a simple flat white or an extravaganza with a floating mini gingerbread man. Like I said, coffee is a party. 

Being a naturally caffeinated person I max out on three coffees before becoming unhinged so choosing my favourites is key. Nobody wants to be disappointed by the hot stuff. 

Out in the dirt

view over English country land.


Everyday I saunter off out for an hour or so with the wolfit to a local country park. Or should I call it perk? Because situated near the entrance is a little cafe serving coffee.  Not just any old brew, I might add, but a coffee with a fast growing reputation for being a superior sepia supper.  It’s called 200 degrees.  Apparently, they roast their coffee at a lower temperature to make it smoother and tastier. Naturally, it would have been rude for me not to try. 


disposable coffee cup


And I have been trying it every morning for the last few weeks with rather pleasing results. After meandering through the fields I buy myself a 200 degrees flat white and park myself on a picnic bench overlooking the view.  The coffee is good, the wolfit lies down at my feet and I have time to assemble the ramblings of my mind and return to my desk with vigour and focus. 

Bean Thinking

One of the most wonderful things about this particular coffee are the 100% compostable cups in which it is served.  On the back of the cup is written a Coffee Blog from 1642.  


story on the back of a coffee cup


After reading this I understood why I felt so sprightly, what with all its wondrous benefits, but what I wanted to know most of all is what the blooming heck is Kings Evil?

Basically, if you get touched up by a King you’ll be OK. 


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Well, good on you girl. Coffee was America’s way of flipping the bird at King George III.

And thus you have no King’s Evil!

Well, you say that Hardnox but I have noticed during my time in America that there are many tea houses creeping in. Oh yes. Hot tea, too. What goes around comes around. Just gotta teach y’all to make it properly. I should have opened a tea and crumpets cafe in America – would’ve made a fortune! 🙂

I’m sure that Tex (the timber wolf) enjoys the mornings at the park and with you no matter what sort of brew you’re consuming. A ‘cup of mud’ is said to be “The Lifeblood of the Marine Corps”. Sort of what rum, sodomy and the lash was to the Royal Navy, as Churchill so wisely is reported to have said.

Anyway, be that as it may, quiet contemplation in a gentle land, whether accompanied by pre-sweetened tea over ice with lemon or a cup of mud is important for every art philosopher.

Oh yes, he loves it, LL!
A cup of mud or… rum, sodomy and the lash. There’s quite a difference there! Pussers rum, of course. My grandfather was in the navy and constantly losing three days pay, three days leave, and three days rum. There’s a genetic theme here. 🙂

Jules I like a nice flavored coffee, light not bold. I have been drinking it all day lately but I think it is keeping me up at night. Everything seems to keep me up at night.

I do too, BW, caramel and vanilla are my favourites, especially when they squirt it all over the top in little squares! YUM!

Yeah, this is why I stop after 3 or I’d be awake all night long. 🙂

I guzzle the stuff (coffee) from morning ’til night. Lots of it, a habit I picked up as a soldier with no time to sleep while in the U.S. Army.
I used to drink it by the pot and went through many Mr. Coffee machines – wore them out. Now they sell the stuff in single serve Keurig units, and that’s now what fills up most of my garbage can (spent Green Mountain Keurig units). I’ve gone through quite a few Keurig machines also, as they don’t hold up very well either.

Whenever I visit people in America there’s always coffee on the go – or readily available from a Keurig machine. Those things are pretty good and fast. That’s what I like about America – it makes life easy.
Have you ever tried a day without coffee, Fredd? That would probably hurt!

No, have not considered such a drastic move in 45 years. The first day without my cup or twelve of Joe, I think I would perish.

I agree. that’s too much of a shock to the system!

Don’t mind the occasional coffee, but I’m more of a tea man, to be honest.
But, maybe I should drink more coffee… my dropsy has been giving me right jip of late.

That’s cos you’re an English bloke, innit though!

Yeah, I can imagine – I think it needs a bit of Java to perk it up. 😉

The Daily Grind: I coulda sworn that was a morning gabfest once…

I drink only Pink Drink at Starbucks now……and I don’t care…

I want your Royal Touch all over my body, Miss Queen of England!

queen’s evil: is that like when Maleficent develops a crush on you?

speaking of, let’s go see Joker this weekend, mah dahlin, it’s the perfect date movie!


It must have been…;)

I’m very sparing with my Royal feeler, my sweet. I’m more of an “Off with their heads” kinda Queen.

I can’t wait to see it! Supposed to be very dark. You bring the Cinnabon, I’ll bring the smile *)

“The hands of the king are the hands of a healer, and so shall the rightful king be known.”

This sounds like it should come from the Bible but we all know it’s not!

I see your wizardry here, Mike…:)

Circa 1965, Waterloo Station (London, I believe) at the diner counter ordered a cup of coffee. Came half coffee, half milk. Drank it but requested another with no milk. The lady gave it to me and muttered, loud enough to be heard, “Barbarian”.

Ha! Well, you will be pleased to know that the Americano is now widely accepted here!

More importantly, WSF, I am putting this comment forward to 200 Degs as I think it should be the next coffee comment wrapped around there cups.


Coffee : Hot, black !
Tea : Iced, sweet !
Crumpets : Krispy Kreme glazed !
Cheese : Velveeta !
Grits : See Cheese !
That’s all I got ta say ’bout that.

Love Ya Girl 😘🥰
~ Your Forever PPS

Oh, what a little amuse-bouche you are, my PPS!

Tea – hot with cold milk.

Crumpets: Those with holes in and smeared in Lurpak butter.

Cheese: Cheddar. Non-squirt

Grits: Suitable alternative to Tarmac

Here endeth the PPS lesson.

Love ya more then! XXXXX.

I’m sure you counted on me having to look up the def of “amuse-bouche”, (which I did ) and now I know it is “another term for amuse-gueule”.
You continue to make me worldly !

~PPS 👅

Of course! I applaud your curiosity and thirst for learning, PPS! It’s one of the many things I love about you! X

“I like my women the way I like my coffee.”

Scalding, bitter and over-caffeinated.

Or from a third world country and going cheap? 😉

Jules for the win!

Hear Hear! Thanks, Brig!

Such a great coffee post and then there’s King’s Evil. Some call this Wallace Simpson, others Meggin Markel and others again the repellent Soubry. Obviously a mystical quality of curse.

Oh, there’s plenty of King’s Evil around here these days, LSP!

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