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January 1, 2012 3:26pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 5 Comments

Well here it is, New years day.  The start of 2012 and 365 days to become awesome or die because the Mayan calender runs out.  Anyway, despite me hating New Year because it brings around a new start (which I fear) the need to re-invent and make traumatising changes (which I fear) and the impending doom of being another year closer to death (which I fear) I have decided that rather than make lots of resolutions that I would seek the advice of Angels/ spirits/the unknown/God? and ask them to “SHOW ME THE WAY”   In a nutshell, I had a Tarot card reading this morning giving a month by month account of my year ahead.  I have chosen to blog it to see if it does, in fact, come true and I AM surrounded by a team of worthy Angels. At the end of each month I shall revisit this post and see if what I have been told unfolds.  I hope it does because it was quite a reading!  Here it is:
JAN: KNIGHT OF WANDS– Energy and life!  Crazy stunts. New and full of gusto!  Don’t be reckless but be sure of what you do and commit yourself with enthusiasm and passion!  ( Cool- already on my wavelength – gusto and craziness is I)
FEB: PAGE OF CUPS – Cupid brings opportunities for love or my entire situation is suffused with the spirit of love and devotion!  Something will bring me great joy – when I see it be sure to act on it ( Can I just say here…if you’re going to give me signs please make it OBVIOUS or I will be oblivious to it.  I don’t do ambiguity) 
MAR: THE QUEEN OF CUPS– An inward focus.  Do you trust your heart?  Have you been moved by another emotionally?  Are you aware of the emotional climate?  Be loving, gentle and compassionate. (Hmmm.. bit of an inward thinking month there and OF COURSE I’m loving and compassionate)
APR: THE KING OF WANDS– An outward focus.  Creative and never settles for old tired approaches.  Original and inspirational.  Forceful in pursuing goals.  Dramatic and exciting!  Be all of this. ( No problem – I’ve got drama off to a tee!)
MAY: 2 OF SWORDS– Power is a major issue at this point of time.  Look carefully at your goals and activities and that this power is being used properly and serves a worthwhile purpose.  Add an extra dose of daring and inventiveness (I WILL) Be bold and creative in a move that will “Knock their socks off” (Watch your socks this month it looks like I’m a force to be reckoned with)
JUNE: STAR– Hope, generosity, inspiration and serenity (what’s serenity?) This is the card of hope.  This is the beginning and your goals and aspirations are blessed!  To realise them take positive action.
NB:  Halfway through the year at this point I have to say I feel like I’m on the edge of glory and I’m liking it!  However, it looks like I’m going to have to put my friend ‘procrastination’ on the back burner…
JULY: THE FOOL ( Oh great – too good to be true, here’s where it all falls down)  The beginning, new growth, change of direction and faith.  People may see you as naive, innocent, unpredictable and full of surprises (PFFFT! tell me something I don’t know)  Believe in yourself and follow your heart no matter how crazy it seems.  (Ok, no problem  I already behave in this manner!)
AUG: 8 OF CUPS – Realising once and for all the past is gone.  What was true is no longer and the signs of change are in your face either physically or emotionally. You have moved on. ( I’m guessing by this one that I will have stuck to my gym programme and be looking like Beyonce – go me)
SEPT: 10 OF WANDS– Pushing yourself too hard. (Errr… hold on, that’s what you’ve been telling me to do with gusto!) Taking the lions share of responsibilty.  Life may be tougher than usual so let others help you lighten the load.  (Are you listening others?  I’m going to be needing support in September so don’t go on holiday!)
OCT: JUDGEMENT – (Bit scared)  You MUST make a decision.  Give it some thought but then do it wholeheartedly.  When the Angel calls, you are cleansed of all guilt and burdens and ready to begin anew.
NOV: 7 OF PENTACLES– You worked hard and it paid off (see! I stuck to it) How rewarding is sweet success (Yeah baby) Stop, take stock at what you’ve achieved, re check your strategy and go again!
DEC: 9 OF WANDS – Strength and toughness.  Your experience has wounded you but strengthened you as well ( one of those double edged sword things)  You now have the strength to carry on and keep going.  
Now that’s not it.  Oh no.  You have an overruling card.  This card sits above all the cards and is the essence of the year.  This one is my favourite:
THE HIGH PRIESTESS (I am more than happy for people to refer to me as this from this point on)  The guardian of the unconscious that sits in front of our unawareness.   

“BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD”  ( WHOA) and her message is:
Fingers crossed.  


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Mayans picked a hell of a time for the world to end!

It sounds to me that you will infuse with your spirit and energy April through June! Turning the biz into a wild ride for the balance of this planet’s spin time.

It is not lost on me that reference herein to your power and your use of it aligns nicely with your promotion from YA Creative Director to The High Priestess! Perhaps you might direct ethereal priestessly energy and power in the direction of ancestral Mayan upper deity Itzamna, known as the first priest, first writer and get this, keeper of the calendar!

I’m just saying while you’re being daring and inventive with your bold and creative use of Priestess power, maybe get on the wavelength of good old Itzamna. Ask him just why the Mayan calendar ended when it does on his lookout!

His answer might be a whole lot more exciting than an inglorious end of days!

Happy New Year, Jules!

Im not asking him incase it’s true! Then I’ll spend the rest of my time fretting when I could be blissfully unaware! Happy New Year too Clark!

Happy New Year High Priestess Juliette ;)May it be a great one. It would be very interesting indeed to see how things unfold – compared to your readings! I tried reading my year forecast but it was a whole lot of nothing. *sigh*

Jules I expect scrupulousness monitoring month by month. Don’t forget assiduous reporting of where the beautiful form of those predictions go…pear shaped 🙂


Azra – Happy New Year to you too Azra! I must say I like being referred to as ‘The High Priestess” EGO TRIP! I intend to keep tabs on it and see if it has any affect on my life. Ignore yours, it’s probably wrong!

Dean – I promise I will be. I’m out for proof, though I’d usually expect it to go pear shaped I’m trying REALLY HARD to go with it. Law of attraction and all that! Never was any good at that either!

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