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I care.

Ok, not in the way as if I would if I was my brother’s keeper (as they teach in the cowboy church). I prefer more of a clown church approach to caring where hitting you in the face with a whipped cream and custard pie would show my devotion.

Will that consign me to the depths of Hell, or will God in his wisdom look down and say that the emergency clown nose may replace all of the halos in heaven?

I need to find a proper clown to give me an answer to that perplexing (and enduring) question.

Done and done, LL. Sweasel came up with a proper clown for your request. But I still think we need those emergency clown noses.

Bring that custard pie, Larry. I’m ready. Clown nose donned.

Clown church is the future …….As clown priestess, I have the authority to answer your question.

Oh, you’ll care, Jules… when Karma tracks you down again…

Hahahaha! Love that!

Yeah…good bloody point, Grunt!

The Germans would call this post a Zwischenstuck. They always have a long word for everything that requires several words in English.

The Germans are always showing off like that, Mr. Gorilla Bananas.

Nobody cares!

Nobody cares! Err…nobody cares and… nobody cares! ha!

Nice, make it a Haiku.

Right? You spotted that skill, LSP… nice.

mah dahlin i found the whimsy! it moved to Thursday. it’s now Theatrics Thursday. check out my instagram stories today for the story of a couple of talking nutcrackers trying to make their way. let’s turn our frowns upside down and get out of these disorder doldrums together!…


Oh, well I wish I’d been told. Still, I’m on New Year Nirvana currently. Maybe whimsy will be back this week!

Happy New Year, my sweet *)

Let’s get whimiscal, whimiscal
I want to get whimiscal
Let’s get into whimiscal
Let me hear your body talk, your body talk
Let me hear your body talk

You are so smooth. Nearly as smooth as Olivia NJ in leather trousers. 😉

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