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Jules Project

Satirical Snapshots Bringing You Serious Biz On A Sunday!

In the early hours of this fine Sunday morning, it was brought to my attention (by members of the JS (B)Admin team) that I am in fact being spied on and possibly cloned. I knew it. This has been going on ever since I started blogging and I may have to change tack just to throw them off.

They’re Onto Me

JULES science meetings usually take place over two days, with delegates arriving for lunch on the first day and leaving after lunch on the last day. There is also usually an evening dinner for participants (not included in the conference fee). Very biz savvy – make ‘em pay. No such thing as a free lunch in JULES world.

Our Vision For The JULES System

JULES is available to anyone for non-commercial use, free of charge. Errr… hold on a minute, pal….

This has led to a large and diverse community from across the globe using JULES to study on a wide variety of temporal and spatial scales. The JULES community has regular meetings where researchers using JULES can present results and discuss issues with their peers over a glass of wine. <~~~ Classy. Like.

The development of JULES is governed by a community process and is presided over by committees comprised of representatives from organisations providing significant resources for the ongoing development of JULES.

Archive Tutorials

These are still worth going through to pick up tips, but n.b. they do not refer to (and therefore cannot help with) the latest versions of JULES. <~~~ Correct.
JULES does not have a ‘known errors’ page for any of its versions: Tick 🙂 If you are aware of any defect in the model, or have ideas for an enhancement, Pffft! Whatevs… then please help the community  ( no – don’t ) by raising a ticket about it. For larger issues, you might want to start up a working group.
Some small changes have been made to tidy up some of the boundary layer code -this is mostly removing unused variables and tidying up subroutine argument lists. Won’t work, I don’t have boundaries.
JULES takes advantage. Duh…Information on how to build and run JULES can be found in the JULES User Guide. Note that although this development has proven stable during testing,  hehehe, lull before the storm.. it is still experimental and is considered to be for advanced users only.

If you can’t get hold of any paper via institutional subscriptions, please email the JULES help list (am sure the request will be well-received because we know many don’t have easy access and someone will almost certainly have it).

Rumour has it that I am being smuggled out of the country for a few days next week by the JS team in order to come up with a battle plan. I’ll let you know. In the meantime, keep your head down, stay locked and loaded and if anyone asks you about the JULES, deny everything, make counter allegations, blame someone else and start talking in Russian.

Over and out.


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Yeah, that’s all very well, but before you go, if you could give me some information on evaluating the performance of hydrological models via cross-spectral analysis in a case study of the Thames Basin, that’d be great.

No problem, Masher: In the Thames Basin it is mostly raining and the composition of said rain tends towards wet. Stay in. 🙂

Sound advice.
Thank you.

Anytime, mucker. 🙂

You had best attend the meeting and announce your presence or the very least advise them of copyright violation. You might even increase your fan base. 🙂

On their website, they even have an idiot’s guide to understanding JULES. On the other hand, their ABOUT page suggests that these people are the ones promoting the Man-Made Global Warming while making a nice living receiving government grants.

I’m with Masher, please provide us with information on evaluating the performance of hydrological models via cross-spectral analysis. That would be great.

Are you also trying to catch me out in a blonde moment, Hardnox? I suggest you go back to JULES and read the user guide and the clause which suggests that JULES has the advantage 😉

I think I should turn up though, armed and dangerous and demand one of their JULES t-shirts. And a yearly dividend. 🙂

Catch you in a blonde moment? NO…. er… maybe. 🙂 This could be the battle of the Jules’. They are claiming they have the advantage… can’t have that.

Asking nice might work too. 🙂 If that doesn’t work, armed and dangerous will convince the weenies. Definitely, a yearly dividend.

Yeah well, who’s your money on, ‘Nox?

Play nice? No. In fact, I think rounding up a posse of Nox and friends to go and have a UN chat about this violation would be preferable. I will pay handsomely with proper tea, fish and chips, spotted dick and Marmite (Grunt LOVES that stuff) Deal?

Lol. OK, deal. I’m sure it could be arranged. We have an ax to grind with the UN over this fraud so we’ll do it for free, besides it’s in NYC and easy for us to get to. Marmite? What the hell is that? Sounds like a critter we shoot at over here in the colonies. 🙂

Btw, Terry still has a case of spotted dick from his days in Vietnam.

I’m very grateful, ‘Nox. I shall send word to the Queen of your valiant efforts.

Oh, it’s better than any critter – Marmite is a taste sensation and already making a comeback in Dallas. President Trump even puts it on his steak now. Word. I will see to it that you get some.

Terry is a very naughty boy then and clearly needs some English manners teaching to him! 🙂 I have a Marmite remedy that may help…

Thanks. WOW, a Knighthood for an American Cowboy? Whoo hoo!

Deal… Marmite on steak. I’ll try it.

Terry is another matter altogether. We’ll no doubt have to hold him down while his wife Wendy applies the Marmite.

You’ll never look back.

I have no doubt that Wendy is one proper sassy chick and my betting is, one word from her, and Terry will do as he’s bloody told! Heh! 😛

Do you really want to be a simulator, Jules? What if someone misreads that as ‘stimulator’?

I do not, Mr Gorilla Bananas. Well, I can provide stimulating conversation when plied with tequila so as long as it stays understood in those parameters, I’m good. Otherwise, I will set you on them 🙂

1st it was DOLLY the sheep, and now JULES. Where will it end ?
Though I have always been interested in your spectral albedos, some things should just not be written about. I did however get the’Idiot’s Guide’ pdf download for my own personal use (possibly using some of the sections as posts on ‘Nox & Friends’ as PSAs).

As if your day wasn’t shocking enough, research led me to another technological site : SMITH
I can’t help but believe there is something nefarious in the works, and that at the least, you should be well compensated by both parties.
As for my aforementioned malady, I am quite capable of handling my own spotted dick, Thank You Very Much !

Right? How very dare they! It will end in tears, Terry, that’s what and not mine.
As wavelengths go I don’t think you have any need for the idiots guide on my spectral albedos, despite your Vietnamese rash…
But, please note, any PSA’s will be met head on with superior reciprocation. Be prepared. 🙂

As for the twitterer – I’ve already followed him and that alone will induce enough anxiety to have him cycling off in a hurry to study his insect collection.

I would like to present myself as member, or primary, in the group to “study potential feedback”.
I have always wondered about the future and this may be a chance to speculate or actually visit a portion of it. Please mark me down, or put me up . . . whatever.

Great idea, Goatman. I think you should be CEO. Straight to the top, no messin’ 🙂

The best form of flattery is being copied or cloned, Jules! I think you should demand shares in the company and also send out your posse to guard against a takeover because we wouldn’t want to lose the original. Are you really leaving the country again so soon?

Thank you, Jane! I’m not sure I know what the original is anymore but I get your drift 🙂

I think I am, yes. It’s been ages since I had a holiday…;)

Well it’s understandable that someone would wish to clone someone so fabulous, but that’s just taking things too far. Just send me a little snip of their hair and I’ll help you get it sorted out! 👿☠

You diamond, Tracy 🙂 Heh! I love having powerful sisterhood on my side! I’ll get as much as I can and let you get to work! Love ya xxx

JULES!!! watching Irma coverage and I just saw a giant palm frond hit Jim Cantore square in the face. can you guys go out and help him with that?

flipping back between the hurricane and the tennis, Tiger Woods in the stands does not look happy. I mean he really doesn’t look happy. probably had to relocate to a NY apt from his Florida mansion cos of the storm. he really wanted to be seeing his buddy Roger in this US Open final. don’t know how you can help him cos the roof is closed to weather but I didn’t know who else to call *)

My sweet, I’ve seen some of these bonkers reporters trying to tell us how windy it is from the shoreline on TV. MATE, I CAN SEE. GO INSIDE YOU MUPPET!
I can’t help Tiger Woods because he’s a loose cannon. Loose canons can’t help loose canons. He’s gonna have to make it on his own with a TaylorMade Driver. *)

At first I was thrown by this post because it wasn’t on a WEDNESDAY, but leveraging business opportunity to best benefit is about taking opportunities as they come.

Is their a synergy with the WWM? Just a thought.

Ah, LSP, sometimes I like to go off piste and get people rocking on their heels. It’s good for you to be thrown now and then so you don’t get too comfortable. People who get too complacent don’t recognise the chains around their feet: they become staid, listless, frightfully humdrum and merely exist rather than live this short and complicated life to its fullest. Risk and reward and damn the consequences! Do not go to your grave with the music still inside you!
You may, at this point, be wondering what is in my morning cup of tea? Hmmm…never trust powder in a bag!

N.B: I learnt all I need to know from the great White Wolf.

The Wolf is Wise!

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