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I can’t wait for this….good luck my lovely xx

Awww, thank you, my lovely friend! xx

People? I ain’t people. I’m a shimmering, glowing, star in the cinema firm-a-mint!


Ha! – great speech!

Well, I know that, Mike! You are TL quality! Now everybody else needs to understand that!

please save an autographed copy for me

I know what the meaning of life is. three words……not those three words:

Enfants Riches Deprimes

……okay really I just want to start wearing hipper clothes when I walk down the street…


Of course I will, my sweet.

Full-on PVC suit with boots. That’s the winner *)

Ahhh, wondered what was keeping you away.
Good luck with this.

I’ve been overwhelmed with life, Masher. Did you miss me?

Thank you very much! I’m trying to get myself on the BBC red sofa. One day…

I hope that the book is a massive success. Will it also be a handbook for the wanderer? (not all who wander are lost)

We can live in hope, Larry. Lose that and we’re f****d.

Ah, but the wanderer must have this book because it can help him when he does get lost. That’s the plan but we all know he will still wander. People must wander for it is this act that makes them grow.

This looks like one of those books I’ve been waiting to read my whole life.

Jules dear, you never cease to amaze. xxx

Aww, thank you, Az. You make me feel like there’s a point to it all!

I think you will like this book very much! xx

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