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February 13, 2019 6:48pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 17 Comments

Creative mixed media post

Satirical Snapshots Bringing You Whimsy On A Wednesday!

I took a couple of photos this week as I was out and about in the land of hope and glory, and I’d like to tell you a little bit about them.

You see, there’s a lot more to just the photograph that’s sitting there in front of you. Oh yes. Oftentimes a viewer doesn’t realise the stress and trauma a picture taker has to go through but I’m here to tell you all about that. 

Waiting for God

Example 1: Bloke sat outside the church on a bench. 

Man sitting on bench outside church

Sometimes, I just like to have a wander around outside because the architecture and doors are marvellous and I have a peculiar thing for doors, as you well know. 

Anyway, I had my new Osmo Pocket with me as I wanted to test out its 3×3 photographic ability and quality. It’s a very teeny-tiny gadget and the viewing screen is hard to read but there’s an adapter that allows you to plug it into your smartphone thus using the phone as the screen touch window making it easier to see. So that’s what I was doing – wandering around the church grounds like Inspector Gadget. I spied the old man sitting alone on the bench outside the church. A picture of quiet contemplation. The father waiting for the Father. Bereft but blessed.  All that malarkey that makes a quality shot including rather perfect soft lighting caused by lack of sun. 

I love candid street photography – it’s my favourite. However, I hate doing it because it stresses me out. You have to be super stealth-like in the middle of public areas which makes you look a bit dodgy and a lot mental. This is the only way to proceed because the subject might take umbrage at being photographed if they spot you.

If you’re kind enough to ask the subject if they’d mind, you are generally met with a person asking 20 questions followed by the worst kind of unnatural forced pose which isn’t what you were after, or, an outraged psycho that thinks you’re going to sell their soul and market them on dubious sex sites.

I crept slowly toward the old man on the bench, stopping every now and then and pretending to analyse the detail on the gargoyles that I have seen a gazillion times over.  Just as I was about to take the shot he turned around and exclaimed, “A very good morning to you!” 

I nearly took the head off my Osmo gadget at being caught in the act and jerked around a bit as if I’d received a shock from my equipment. After I composed myself, I gazed at the windows above him, angling my phone and Osmo in that general direction as though they were the intended capture. Seven attempts it took me.  Seven.  And right after the shot he boomed, “You must go into the church and have a look inside!” 

In order to protect my cover I couldn’t refuse and swanned through the great doors with fake drama.  Straight away I was accosted by a member of the clergy demanding £5.00 for pictures.  That was my Costa Coffee up the spout.

Treesy Not So Peasy

Example 2: Nature

Tree in field at twilight

There’s nothing better than twilight for great pictures. In the winter months it’s much nicer because the sky takes on a dusky, ethereal mauve that makes any subject matter look like it’s painted onto the sky. I hadn’t gone out with the intention of taking photos and the only device I had on me was my phone. I happened to look out of the window of my house as the light was fading and thought it would be rather pleasant to go for a ramble in the country, through the farmer’s crop fields that are just across the road.  I reckoned I could get through a few pastures before the light faded and I was back on the pavement again.  


You can’t just get onto the land from across the road because there are high hedges so you have to walk down the road a while and then cross over and go down a country lane until you come to a stile. By the time I’d got there the light was fading fast. Not enough for me to turn back but enough to make me a tad wary. But onward I tromped. And I mean tromped. The fields were sodden and churned up by vicious cows. It was much like paddling. In quicksand.

As soon as I spotted the tree standing in all its majestic glory I searched my many pockets for my phone.  I took the photo and felt proud of myself for going on a random evening walk and witnessing nature at its finest. Until I tried to walk away and left my walking shoe behind and nearly slipped a disc, dropped my phone, socked foot, and cheery demeanour in the squalid mud in front of me.  My other shoe, now supporting most of my weight as I tried to pivot on it, sank deeper and deeper into the soggy trench as I tried to locate my lost one. In the dark.  

It’s amazing how quickly the the horizon disappears and the abyss looks back. Now way too far in to turn back, I had to continue half blind with feet three times the size of what they were due to the clay casks that had developed around them.  And then there were the haunting noises from rabid animals in the distance. Or supernatural hybrids. The ones you can’t see but you know can see you.  And smell you from 70 miles away.  I totally got the fear and skidded/plodded as fast I could overland to the next exit and lamplit concrete before I got eaten.

 I’ve had cramp in my thighs from this experience for two days and when I went to crouch down to fetch something from under my table last night, I couldn’t get back up without hauling myself up with almighty force using the kitchen counter as support.

Talk about stupid.  But I’d rather you call me something nicer and since it’s “Get a different name day” today, I’d like to be known as The Queen of Arts.

Poem about names on a piece of paper

What would your new name be?  Tell me in the comments below and make it good or I’ll have to  chop off your head.


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“accosted by a member of the clergy demanding £5.00 for pictures.”
A fiver for photos? Scandalous!
You should have told them your usual modeling fee is £300/hr — plus expenses.

Wouldja settle for the Queen of Hearts?

I know! Scandalous! I paid because I didn’t want to be smited and it costs a fortune to keep the gig open.
Haha! Wish I’d have thought of saying that!

Great track! Not heard that in forever and just added it to my playlist! Thank you, Mike!

* but who Created the Creator?……

* mah dahlin, I’m down on one knee, can I be your Instagram Husband?:

* Disney’s Gargoyles are the only gargoyles that matter. I heard Disney bought up all the churches…

* I took a Personality Test. I was the only one who got an F on it and was sent down a grade. I thought they meant letter grade but they meant 5th Grade…am I smarter than a 5th grader?…

* you know my name……you’re the only one who knows my name…


Kevin. Kevin is behind it all!

Yes, my sweet! So long as I can have those rolled tacos and we can follow the Trivago guy. It will be like the best ever platform game.

I LOVE Disney’s gargoyles! The ones at church are pretty fearsome and look like Kevin’s ancestors.

You are way smarter than that. You are a Gradient sentient of life and all the mysteries beyond.

And it’s locked inside a dusty chest within the archives of my mind so it remains protected forevs. *)

Yes, like all the great ones, you’ve suffered for your art.

A new name?


Yes, exactly and I’m glad you noticed!

Colin. Since I have a lizard named Kevin I am not at liberty to scorn you. I have an uncle (who isn’t really an uncle) called Colin. He’s a right laugh so I accept this name change.
In fact, come to think of it, I have a lot of uncles who aren’t really uncles. What’s all that about? Gonna have to go and have a chat with my mother…


For the last few days, I have received spammy, insane emails from the contact form here. Tons. A hundred every hour. I went to my people and complained. Bitterly. Subsequently, my newsletter and subscribers list have been removed and the problem has stopped. Until this is rectified, you will not receive email notifications of postings from this wonderful and whimsical site. I realise this might ruin your life, leave you feeling cold, abused, and bitterly disappointed. Don’t blame me, blame the Russian bot. In the meantime, you’ll just have to come and see if I’ve bothered to write or follow this thing on WordPress etc..
I didn’t want anyone to think I’d removed them. X

Would you say it’s peculiar that I love the fact that you have a peculiar thing for doors? Super stealth-like Jules… I like the sound of that. Great pic by the way, but you knew that already and you’re not the kind who needs confirmation. Let me read on…. What! Accosted by a member of the clergy demanding £5.00???? Dear Lord and heaven above. Say it ain’t so. That’s steep. Did you smack him?

A tree-mud-shoe adventure…. Only Jules. You. Are. The. Best. That picture is amazing.


Blue! So lovely to see you here! MASSIVE hug.

Doors are great, aren’t they? What a peculiar peculiarity to have! 🙂
I paid up, I must confess. Not that kind of confessing cos I didn’t want to give the priest a heart attack. To be fair, I don’t mind paying for listed buildings to be looked after, but they could have put the kettle on. What happened to that old saying, “More tea vicar?”

My shoes are still full of mud but I’m viewing them as patio art. They’d probably sell for a cool couple of million in a fine arts museum. Maybe this is the way to get to Bora Bora, hey Blue?!

YOU are the best. End. xx

If that is the way to Bora, I’ll need to send you some shoes asap. Yes, I love doors, too. Plus they literally make me think of you. Remember the pic of that Spanish door I sent you?

I’ll go barefoot if I can go!

I loved that door – It’s in my collection! And so lovely to be thought of 🙂 X

What great shots! And I have to say, Texas is great but so is the French House on Valentines Day. In the meanwhile, we’re trying to sort out a WALL. Please deal with BREXIT, thanks.

I try work to my best ability when it comes to shots, be it Tequila, sniper rifles or photos.

La Maison de Francais is such a wonderful bolthole but so is rural Texas.

I can’t deal with Brexit because I have Russian bots attacking me. One thing at a time, LSP.

Excellent pics, My Dear Julesy. I particularly love your nude selfie at the top of the page ! BLIMEY !!
Photography seems to be another feather in your multi-faceted hat of talents. Is there NOTHING you can’t do ?
You may want to re-check your bewwwts. I think that may not be “clay” casks you picked up in that cow pasture.

Love from your Bawcock,

Yeah, it was a bugger trying to balance my hat, PPS!

You are such a bawcock – Mr. Charm itself! *swoon* I’ll take it. 😉
Oh…so that’s why they smell like the gents toilets at the Bell Inn! I need to get my flip-flops on and onto a sandy beach. Any ideas? 😉

Ideas ? I have HUGE ideas. They are GREAT ideas ! Ideas you haven’t even seen in the Kama Sutra !
Oh wait…you were talking about a sandy beach I guess. 🙁
Workin’ on that 😉


We clearly need to get together and compare notes. 😉

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