The taste of Transylvania

September 5, 2011 2:03pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 8 Comments

A quarter to midnight, the bewitching hour is nearly upon us on this sultry summer evening. I wander outside to my favourite wooden chair and it feels warm, dry and brittle from the sweltering heat of the day next to my soft skin which is moist and glistening from the humid temperature. The heat is causing the veil like silken material of my  long black dress to cling seductively to my body.  I place my silver goblet on the table close by and proceed to uncork my bottle of legendary Transylvanian Bats Blood.

 The bottle uncorks with the sigh of a sated lover as I listen to the enticing glug of the rich dark liquid pouring into my vessel.  I hold the coolness of the goblet to my warm neck and it clinks on my antique ruby necklace.  I shut my eyes and I can smell the aroma of the wine like fresh spring flowers and the hint of the darkest, richest chocolate.  I bring the nectar towards my parched lips and taste the sharp, ripened fruits of red summer berries which is heightened by my intake of breath and I feel my body relax.  The moonlight shines down with an eerie softness as I gaze into the goblet and think of him.  I take another sip of my my Bats Blood wine and it drops from my lips onto my chest and trickles down by bosom.  As the rivulet of wine meanders down my cleavage it has an almost cerise pink glow under the moonlight. I sip some more.  I yearn for his body. I allow the wine to swirl in my mouth as I watch the bats fly through the moon and disappear into the darkness behind.  The aftertaste of liquorice is vaguely present as I feel the wine coursing through me.   A slight  breeze picks up and cools my skin as I shut my eyes once more and listen to the soft rustling of the leaves.  Then there is quiet.  Deathly quiet.  A silence that makes me tense and hold my breath for it can mean only one thing.  I can hear my heart beating and I open my eyes to see a shadow fall across the opened bottle of Bats Blood on my table.  I feel a presence behind me as dark as the wine I am drinking.  His hands, cold against my skin as they brush my tousled hair away from my neck.  My master has come for me…
Inspired by my recent experience of Bats Blood wine.

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If I could drink red wine I’d be rushing out to buy a bottle of this obviously orgasmic wine!!!!

Now that is what I call a wine review!

Thank You Angie! The wine deserves it! And thank you for following 🙂

i bought a bottle of Bats Blood, havent tasted it yet, after reading ur review i want to to open it now, but its 7.30am so better not lol

Ha ha! Ah go on! It will make the day taste much better!

How much and how do i purchase it please

Just wondering where i can get this beautiful bottle of wine and how much thankyou

From Bats Blood. Here’s the link, Jessica.

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