These Dirty Sidewalks of Broadway

June 16, 2016 1:51am Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 12 Comments



I couldn’t wait to set foot in Nashville and I am lucky enough to have visited when the CMA Festival was in full swing.  The sun shone way into the 90’s and Broadway filled up with country boots.

Nashville is to musicians as Hollywood is to actors.

What did I think?  I think it spoke to the very best and worst sides of me.  The place is full of talent old and new, triers, believers and hopeful dreamers.  It’s alive with spirit and those clinging onto possibilities.  It’s a place that can exhaust you and also leave you wondering and maybe re considering when moonlight and moonshine hit you.  Right up until the day breaks once more and you pick yourself up and try again.  Cos that’s what dreamers do.

Nobody cares when you’re sitting on the floor; they only pay attention when you’re winning.

I totally got it and Nashville is a place I….. felt.  

Obviously I went prepared with two new songs to get in the spirit of things because I am going to have a top ten Country hit one day and have since made a tunesmith page to fill up with songs.  You can listen to them here once you’ve watched my Nashville video below.

“Cowboys aint easy to love and they’re harder to hold,

They’d rather give you a song than diamonds or gold”




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Sweet Dreamers; Dream Sweetly
…and I like the songs too!

– TC

Well you gotta keep dreaming. Always. It’s the happy part of life 🙂 Thank you, Anthony!

You’re cutting quite a swath across the USA with your boots–made for walking, your cowboy hat, rocking it from the Atlantic, through Nashville, the Houston Cowboy Church and the Rocky Mountains. The only thing left is a conquest of the Pacific Coast.

Challenge accepted! 😉

Go for it Jules! You definitely write better lyrics than a lot of pop stars, including Bruce Springsteen and Gary Glitter. Find some young crooner with a guitar and a voice and give him the words for his tunes!

Are you going to visit New Orleans? I’ve heard you find a different sort over there.

Thank you, Mr. Gorilla Bananas! There’s nothing quite like a positive gorilla, I say!
I was meant to go on a couple of occasions but things got changed. I’d love to see it as I’m sure I would get on well with the food, the ambience and the bad Ju-Ju part! Maybe next visit!

happy for England but my heart breaks for Wales…

the woman in the Cowgirl Up! logo is you, mah dahlin!

Johnny Cash vs. Bob Dylan? Dylan would kick Cash’s ass in a cage match.

“Spoonman” by Soundgarden, my favorite country song


Mine doesn’t!

I know! That logo should be mine! That’s exactly what my fairy Godmother said. I’m stealing it.

Tough call on the cage match..*)

I still can’t quite wrap my mind around the logistics of this expedition. How do you pack enough clothes for the amount of time you’ve been away? How is such an elaborate excursion being financed? You don’t seem to have an itinerary or rhyme or reason. You go to one place and suddenly show up in another. I want to know all the stuff you’d never put in a blog post.

Well I’m in California now! You just can’t keep up with me. Let’s just say that I have some really cool and accommodating friend over here who have bent over backwards to be nice to me. I’ve got a free house, free car and people wanting to take me here there and everywhere to show me places so I ‘m only having to spend money on the odd flights and meals and cowgirl gear!

They only pay attention when you’re winning… Well, I think you’re kind, smart, beautiful and winning.

Jules, it’s Friday…
Such a fun day! 🙂

Aww Blue, that’s such a lovely thing to say to me. Back at ya, grumpy!

It is a fun day and so is today cos Sun (day) sounds like fun!

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