TMOL Project

At TMOL Project we want to open up a place where people can share and be heard. A place to tell your story to the world. Each and every one of us has a story and we want to hear yours. Stories are the very tapestry of our life and what brings it meaning. 

 I recently went on a journey to try and find out ‘The Meaning of Life’ by asking 100 people a set of formulated, deep and meaningful questions because collaboration usually brings about an answer. I came to the conclusion that if I asked 100 people a set of questions and analysed the data thereafter, some sort of meaning would make itself evident and we could all sleep at night.

These 100 participants are now featured in a book called “The Meaning of life” and available in paperback or Kindle.  This is the only self-help book you will ever need. 

What now?

The book  was released on January 29th 2020, only weeks before we went into a global, pandemic lockdown. 

  • Many people have said they wished they could have taken part in the book ‘The Meaning of Life’
  • Now, more than any other time, ‘The Meaning of Life’ is being pondered and giving birth to new thoughts and  ideas, including the future and what that looks like. People want to tell their own interesting stories and be heard.

 Everything is a little different at the moment; new ways of interacting with people are being born because of the habit reinforced by the lockdown. The wonder if this will this change the way we deal with strangers in the future or will we just revert back to the old normal?  What is the new normal anyway?

At TMOL Project we want you to be part of the future voice and feature on our FB page or blog with the possibility of also becoming an entry in the next MOL publication.  We want you to tell us your story, whatever that may be. Please send your stories in written, audio or video format via the contact page here or at our FB page @TMOLProject.

The Meaning of Life Questions

For anyone wanting to answer TMOL book questions and be featured on our blog and FB page @TMOLProject, answer the following questions as openly and as honestly as you can:  Please then email them using the contact form on this website or send via @TMOLProject on FB.

Along with your questions, we will need a photograph of you or something that depicts you, depending on whether or not you wish to remain anonymous.  If you do wish to remain anonymous then please let us know your preferred pseudonym.

Please state that you are willing to appear publicly on the FB page – blog posts, and be considered for our next publishing project.

Take your time and answer without fear of judgement. The most open entries make the best read. Write as little or as much as you wish.






Do you believe in God?

What is the worst thing you’ve ever done?

What is your greatest achievement?

Tell me a secret about you:

If you could go back in time to age 20 with your current life experience, what would you do differently?

There is a 15-year-old standing in front of you. What life advice would you give him/her?

When you are an elderly person, sitting in your rocking chair and you look back on your life, what do you want to have achieved?

Give me one word that sums up your life journey thus far:

What is the meaning of life?

Are you willing to have this information (including the photograph you have given) published publicly on FB, Blog posts and used in future publications?

Please print your name: 

Your e mail address:

Please copy and paste this information into the contact form on this website or via our FB page and we will be in touch.

Please send your stories in written, audio or video format.

Thank you for your collaboration.