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All looks very pleasant.
What’s the UFO you’ve captured going along the bottom of the screen at 40s ?

I know. That made me laugh. I think it’s definitely a UFO or some sort of weird beach animal orb thing or maybe, it’s a reflection from my phone. But that would be boring!

THAT’s where the Geico gecko is! I love saying pina colada, it sounds dirty. I would turn my phone off and meditate but I’m waiting for a call from the monastery…*)

I love drinking Pina Colada, it tastes like grown up milkshake.

Monks don’t call they send doves or mind messages. They’re spiritually adept like that from drinking lots of coffee. *)

I was worried you were feeling under the weather when I saw the title of the post, but that can’t be true if you’re nipping off to Florida! Were those your painted toenails, Jules? I think I may be developing a foot fetish. 🙂

Under the weather of a Floridian sky, Mr. Gorilla Bananas!

Ha! Yes they are – I painted them red to scare the fish. I never knew I could start a fetish club. Go me. 🙂

I know very few people who go on vacation and then take a vacation to ‘escape from the vacation’. ;^)

Haha! Good point! 🙂

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