W is for Weapon # 2

April 28, 2016 2:51am Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 15 Comments


I arrived back home in Texas Cowgirl land this morning where I belong.

“I’m back!”  I said to the gun crew at the shooting range.

“Ah, welcome back, English!”

“I want a rifle.  My friend said a .22 rifle might be a good idea?”

“Nah.. we’re going to let you play with this!” they said, holding up some big black weapon.

This time there was no schooling which I found a little unnerving and the fact that I’m to be trusted to remember the very brief instructions that went like this:

“Load it here, pull this back, take of the safety catch here and line up the red dot about two inches above target.  There you go – have fun, English!”

“K then.”

My forearms are killing me.  I can barely type.

Here’s the show:



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You’re becoming dangerous. What will you do in England when you want to take a machine gun out and shoot it?

Ooh, say that again mister and pass me another gun! I like it!

I’m using America as my training ground and hope that MI6 and the Queen are following my adventures from parasailing, eating meat with my bare hands and gunslinging. When I go back home I want the Bond position!

You already have the guile, some of the equipment needed and you’re currently in training with the parachute, firearms skills and driving on the “other side” of the road in your red Julesmobile. You need a Bond Girl name. I’m thinking something along the order of Barbette Hemlock or Sabrina Sterling…the possibilities are endless but you must decide.

Sabrina Sterling! Brilliant. I feel a novel coming on….;)

Loved the arrow sign one way! Boy you’re deadly with a weapon well done cowgirl

Well, they don’t want you wielding your weapon around at anyone. Always down range. I hope you are suitably scared of me now! 🙂

S is for Seduction.

Seductive shooting is all the rage. Red nails round hot, smoking’ gun barrels is the new vogue!

If only I could see, return myself to me
And recognize the poison in my heart!


Great post, and fantastic music! I haven’t heard that track for several decades. I had forgotten how great Marty Robbins’ really was. Thanks for the memories.

BTW, sounds like Texas is growing on you, which is not a
bad thing. If you get a chance, the San Antonio zoo used to be very good, but my favorite place is Kerrville, 75 miles nw off I10. The Cowboy Artists Hall of Fame Museum is about 2.5 miles southeast of town, with Kerrville State Park about 1 mile further.

If you go, keep an eye out for the works of Frank McCarthy. His art is literally outstanding.

The park is small, but rustic, peaceful, and quiet. We used to feed the deer out of hands in the evenings
near the entrance. Enchanting, it was.

Hello XS3 – thanks for the visit and glad to get you back into some fine country music. Thank you for the recommendations! I very much like the sound of The Cowboy Artists Hall of Fame. And art, also – right up my street so Kerrville sounds like a must visit. 🙂

I think I’ll stick to clay pigeon shooting and archery thanks!

Get outta here, girlfriend! Time you learnt to shoot for real. (Do you like my Americano vernacular?) I’ll bring you back a crossbow 😉 Go down a treat in Arnold. Sport from the coffee shop!

Gawd gf you’ve been away too long! Are you going to come back with a southern drawl? A crossbow sounds fun and in keeping with my Robin Hood location. Going to need a new hobby from June too

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