Way Down Yonder In New Orleans

June 14, 2017 1:48am Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 16 Comments

Jazz in New Orleans

Satirical Snapshots Bringing You Whimsy On A Wednesday!

The Big Easy

I made a trip to a new state: Louisiana.  I’ve wanted to go to New Orleans for a long time because it’s one of those places you have a need to see.  I love the eclectic mix of soul meets jazz meets Spanish architecture and French roads.  New Orleans is like no other city I’ve visited in America.

Bad JuJu

Naturally, my namesake breathes its Voodoo into the area so I had to buy a couple of dolls.  It would pay you not to mess about with me because there’s only a pin, a chicken’s foot and my mood between you and your happiness…

Anyway, now I’ve got your undivided attention, you will want to take a look at my video of Nar’Leans below and the things I found captivating.

Yours, JuJu



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Great infovideo! And thanks for stopping them tearing down Andrew Jackson. Good work.

Yes, he still sits high on his horse, LSP.

Good post Jules. I loved the video.

Funny story last time I was in ‘Norlens walking down Bourbon Street… there are guys everywhere saying they can guess your birthday for a $10 bet. I kept telling them to piss off. Frankly they were annoying. Then one dude (over achiever) gave it a try while sidestepping and trying to goad me into the scam and nailed a cast iron light pole with side of his head. He really hammered it. Knocked him out cold. I about died laughing.

Well, ain’t that karma doing her work, Hardnox! You shouldn’t mess about with people and their money, though I’d have taken the bet, lied and made lots of money for Hurricanes at the bar! 🙂

Thank you for sharing the voodoo that you do.

It’s an interesting city. Jack Willoughby (WoFat) comments on my blog from time to time. He used to be the lieutenant on New Orleans PD in charge of the vice unit. The word “vice” in New Orleans means every day normal, so what he did was “super vice”. Some of his books/novels (mostly about murder in New Orleans) are available on Amazon (shameless plug). Of course the vice detail wasn’t all he did during his career. He’s been a friend of mine for at least 35 years. Started out in the Army Security Agency in Thailand and Laos during the Vietnam War – and you will have read about him in my book, White Powder.

But I digress, New Orleans is an exotic city and state law in Louisiana is the only one based on Napoleonic Law rather than English Common Law. Hurricane Katrina (some say it was God flushing the toilet) wiped out a lot of the city, but spared the French Quarter.
And the place would be the perfect site of the first Clown Church.

My goodness, I bet he has some stories to tell. I remember him from your book.

Parts of NO are so seedy that it annoys me but as much as it spoils, it also adds to its flavour somehow.

Clown church would definitely fly there, LL. 🙂

Such a hideous ordeal. *)

Well Madame Juju, I’m asking my local witch doctor to make me a potion that will protect me from your voodoo charms. And YOU better be careful of Huge Ass beer. If you drink that too cold you might slap your mother’s ass, which would be tantamount to civil disorder.

I wouldn’t hurt you, Mr. Gorilla Bananas because I know you’re smart enough to do as I say! Besides, your witch doctor is pants next to me!

I avoided the HUGE ASS beers. As for slapping my mama, well, that’s another story…

Have a listen to ‘City of New Orleans’ by Arlo Guthrie – just brilliant.

Great track! That would’ve been perfect for my video. I’m coming to you next time for soundtrack advice! 🙂

Nice vid, Jules. And you’ve included some New Orleans doors, of course.
That’s the good juju
That you do
So well.

But of course, of course, Masher. Just for you! 🙂

We stopped there on our way out west a couple years ago. I loved the art, but my goodness. Some of the places… I really wanted to go do one of the ghost tours, just didn’t have time.

Oh I know, Crystal. There are some dodgy places there. It’s such an eclectic mix which makes it a very interesting city. 🙂

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