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June 1, 2010 5:38pm Published by Jules Smith in The Art Philosopher 1 Comment

Hello all and everyone!  As I first stated back at the beginning of the year, I am going to do my blog EVERYDAY.  As you can see I have clearly stuck to that…NOT.  But, give me chance to change and become disciplined as these things take time.  So let me fill you in:

  • Booked holiday to Spain – 1 week – middle of August -Boiling hot!
  • Am preparing attire:  New and gorgeous self itching to get out and wear skimpy bikinis , silky sarongs and very, very high heels.  
  • Cup cakes are NOT MY FRIEND. (Very sad moment) Will be friends again when donning Jimmy Choos and silken attire.
  • Am busy with my work – yes very busy and a thing to be joyous about.  
  • Got an iHobo on my iphone.  He died.  Got another.  He died.  Found this very stressful.  Was quite annoyed with iHobo as when I gave him sandwiches he threw them away as he wanted money for drugs instead. HOW DAMN RUDE.  NB: IHobo is a virtual homeless person that you have to look after like a tamagotchi.  I wasn’t very good at looking after them either.
  • Still creating and enjoying it thoroughly.
  • Am walking vigorously everyday with hounds – should be size 0 but not.  Maybe it’s the cupcakes…
  • Just ate scrumptious cheesy and oniony many levels toastie thingy.  Very, very nice.  However not diet food.  Didn’t think about that until way after…
Must go, someones got a chocolate magnum for me…be right back…

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*waits for you to come back*…

your not coming back are you?

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