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August 4, 2021 5:09pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 19 Comments

It’s Whimsy On A Wednesday!

Dear readers, writers, bloggers, lovers, haters, rapscallions, friends, Romans and countrymen.

It’s been a long while since we all had some Whimzeez On A Wednesdeez, innit?

Well, that’s because I’ve used my latest time in lockdown prison trying to be proactive rather than reactive. Which, many will say, is a nice change. But who cares about the many?

I promise that fun and frolicks and all manner of insanity will be coming soon, especially now the pubs are open and you don’t have to drink through a mask. 

Aside from the fun tales I have coming to this blog just for you, here’s a shameless plug of what’s been going on in the creative world of the JS empire. Please feel free to arise from your seat and applaud. And get your cash ready.



Winning With Words brings together the key 100 words your child needs to learn to read. Studies have shown that these 100 words are commonplace within literature and will help your child have a good basis for reading books across the board. 

Each key word is shown in a flashcard style with a bright, colourful background and simple imagery to maintain attention. 

All words are individually placed within a sentence to help your child understand context and structure as they move on to understand how each word can be used.

Extensive research has shown that learning these 100 key words will help your child master their reading skills and go on to select books of their choice and fuel an appetite for reading.

Available on Amazon Kindle and Apple books.

Make – A- Monstory

My latest and greatest invention – Make- A -Monstory

Learning To Read The Monster Fun Way!

This put together rhyming story and game is due for release in the next few weeks. Never has there been such a fantastic and fun way to get children reading without it being a chore! Tried and tested in the marketplace pre-launch by mums, playgroups, teachers, nursery schools, and most importantly, children, with fantastic reviews and feedback!  Watch this monster space!

Red Mist

Due for pre-order in the next few weeks, Red Mist is a science-fiction novel brought to you by two engaging authors from either side of the pond. America meets UK with author Larry B. Lambert who lives in the midst of the largest ponderosa pine forest in the world. Having written of espionage, narcoterrorism, Wall Street, and planned political kidnapping! 


Jules Smith from the UK, who will sometimes make you laugh to the point of breathlessness and then reduce you to a sobbing wreck in the very next sentence because she likes to probe where others don’t.  You may be many things when you read her work – excited, happy, terrified, nervous, sad, or just plain amazed, but you will never be bored.

This is is their first adventure into science fiction – or is it science fact?  It’s so difficult these days to be sure.  You the reader can be the judge.  

Coming soon in paperback and ebook globally across all platforms. 

Watch this space…




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Your creative mind never ceases to amaze me!

Thank you, Cindy!

The secret is PG Tips tea 😉

Red Mist, the sci-fi thriller sounds terrifying and mystical all at the same time. It’s going to be a best seller.

When the Red Mist hits you there’s only two ways you can go – insane or enriched. As government agencies from America and Britain try to keep a lid on the mysteries of an Icelandic volcano, the rain keeps falling. A brute American fixer and an out-of-her-depth British psychologist start out on a journey that is not so peachy. However, there are always signs in the road (sometimes on the road). A gripping adventure of discovery, rebirth, and the wisdom of the old Gods where Loki’s Fire reveals all.

The blooming homeschool market for books with the endless plague (Iceland director of health predicts lockdowns for 15 years) restrictions is a brilliant marketing move.

It’s most certainly is going to be a best-seller!

15 years?! Errr – no.

My, you have been a busy girl. Good luck with all that.
Mind you, I still remember the last time you ventured into science fiction [shudder].

Heh! I think you fall into my category of “nervous” readers! Or victim…

I promise you’re not in this one, though I did think about it!

Thanks for the heads-up on the child’s books, Jules!

We’ll have to get those for our 4-1/2 year old grandson!

Aw, thanks, Jim!
He’ll be a reading pro in no time!

Whimzeez: my favorite cereal as a kid

Red Mist looks cool! Red Mist looks………mysterious, very Tom Clancy. too bad Tom Clancy isn’t still alive to read it in the cockpit trying out for fighter-jet school for the sixth time. but there’s still that Tom Clancy video-game money! that’s a pile of dough and bitcoin! cash in, mah dahlin!!!


That was a cereal? Over here it’s a dog treat. Now, it’s a blog treat. The ever-evolving life of whimzeez.

It is cool. And hot. And better than TC.

I shall be symbolically rolling in bitcoin, my sweet *)

Way to be productive! I need to take note.

I just decided to go for it. Stick to the plan. I’m a person of extremes so I’m either on or off!

Good on you for the “100 Words” book. Going to order a few for my homeschooling friends who have kids around 6 or 7 years of age. You did mention lockdowns ending: Has Boris The Spider not yet heard of the Delta and Lambda Variants? Power-mad mushbrain politicians in the US are already tying fresh new yellow ribbons – the ones that say “Do Not Enter” – around the old tavern doors.

Thank you, Roger! That’s very kind of you.

Boris has decided enough is enough, aside from travelling all is back to normal!

Congrats on Red Mist! And children’s stories. Both will be SMASH HITS.

I insist, LSP! 😉

Yes, Ma’am 🙂

“Jules Smith from the UK, who will sometimes make you laugh to the point of breathlessness and then reduce you to a sobbing wreck in the very next sentence because she likes to probe where others don’t.” See, that’s why I dig your style, Jules Dear. You are one of a kind. Red Mist… sounds very interesting. Plus some people need to be probed these days, when governments turn us into prisoners and people are cool with it. Probe them a bit more.

Don’t ever care about the many either. You want to find a diamond? You’ll first need to deal with many rocks. You know what I mean?

I have never worn a mask. No one stops me from breathing like a human being.


Ha! Someone else wrote that and I used it – it’s pretty accurate in my life though!

I like to do a bit of probing – I think it’s important to get under people’s skin a little and make sure they’re still alive; wake up the critical thinkers.

I know what you mean, mister diamond.

Well, we are free from all that now. I went out like normal with my friends the other night to a busy pub and had a meal and it was bloody fabulous!

You’re the best, Blue X

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