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Like winter without Jack Frost,

A love and war that was not lost.
Like a bowl without it’s cherries,
A holly tree that bears no berries.
Like God without creation,
An artist with no inspiration.
Like the moon without a man,
A perfect plot that has no plan.
Like Heaven without a Hell,
A secret that you didn’t tell.
Like minds’ without imagination,
A train that has no destination.
Like the sea without a fish,
A child who does not make a wish.
Like strawberries without their cream,
…All like a man who has no dream.


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After reading the first line of this poem, I immediately tried singing the words to The Windmills of Your Mind. Maybe you should write song lyrics, Jules.

Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel! Love that song Mr GB. I’ve now tried singing it to that tune – it’s not long enough. Ergo my song lyric writing career has spun out of my grasp like the windmills of my mind.

I can always appreciate a good poem. Nice on, Juliette! πŸ™‚

Hello David. Why thank you kindly, Sir!

You’re an amazing poet Jules. Love it!

You’re an amazing person Azra. I love that! Thanks πŸ™‚

I had a dream once.

Earned me a black eye from Mrs Masher, it did.

I wish I didn’t talk in my sleep.

Dare I ask? You probably deserved it Masher. Wear a gag πŸ˜‰

oo I rather like that – clever πŸ™‚

OOh do ya now! Thanks David.

Aw, I love it – all reasons why we should dream a bit more often, eh?

Indeed Deirdre. Very often we lose sight of our goals and dreams and move mechanically onwards in a routine and one day wonder what on earth we are doing. You only live once (or you might come back as a rat which isn’t so good) so I think you should think about your dreams and desires everyday and do your best to fulfill them.

I sound a bit like the Dalai Lama there. There’s hope for me yet.

Juliette this is amazing…

We all need dreams.

Thank you πŸ™‚ We do, indeed.

Interesting poem:) Cool blog:)

Thanks Mark πŸ™‚ Very nice of you to say so.

What a sweet reminder to keep dreaming.

Absolutely. Don’t ever stop.

Yin without Yang . . . the thought baffles.
But can a man have a dream lifetime long?

Now then goatman. I’m going to say “But of course”. One needs dreams to be alive and have something to aim for. They don’t need to be huge (though I think some should be) but without them you’re just existing and since, as I believe, this could be the one and only chance you get to be here and the fact that you actually are here is billions (see how I got billions in there again?) to one, then I believe we should all have enormous dreams that push us in many directions. And even when you’re old if your dream is just to get a large helping of trifle or watch the sun set, take a walk by the ocean or see the rain in the forest ( I seem to be breaking into Annie’s song here) then that’s all it need be.

And that’s all it is and need be for me: small dreams of things growing and living to see spring just around the corner once again. And surprises; I dream of surprises and am never disappointed.
Just for gossipy reasons, it would be interesting to know what others’ dreams were/are and whether they came true and it which form. Even when young, I didn’t have a defineable dream that I can pinpoint. I just seemed to go along with whatever challenge was next: graduating, jobs, meeting my girl, moving to another place to work, the next day of life . . .

Life is timeless, days are long when you’re young! Agreed, you seem to go with whatever comes your way when you’re a fresh little being. I like surprises. Nice ones though not scary, jumpy ones.

Enjoying the finer things in life at Wetherspoons tonight with you jules, sans poetry. Not big on poems. Plenty of wine and a curry, can’t be bad. You are, without exception, a truly gifted, kind and remarkable person whom I have had the pleasure to be friends with since age 11. How anyone could not love you is beyond my comprehension. And yes, of course I will revive you if you die.! Love forever, Hazel. xx

Oh Hazel, you’ll say anything when you’re drunk;) thank you my friend and I certainly hope you will revive me because I was rather alarmed that you, an intensive care nurse, was unable to find my pulse. I’ve been worried about it all day long and checking to see if I still reflect in mirrors.

Wonderful poem, Juliette. We all need a dream; even if we have reached one dream, we need another and another. It is fun to search for and dream for something.

I totally agree Belle. Thank you.

A perfect plot that has no plan. I like that. It’s lmost a metaphor in it’s own right… a metaphor about a man. πŸ˜‰
Just wrote a little poem myself, but now that I’ve seen yours I’m not sure I want to share it. (Now it’s your turn to say, ‘Maybe that’s bestm yeah.’)

Have a great weekend, Jules!

But I want to see it Randy! Please? I love poetry and I KNOW it will be brilliant.
Hope you’re weekend is banging!

P.S.: m = , (at least, that what Enstein tells me)

I like Enstein. He was very much over looked when Einstein was around.

P.S.2: Enstein = Einstein (What’s happening!!!!!!)

HAHAHA! Have you got a pulse my blue friend? Please check. πŸ™‚

I’m okay now… Knock on wood.

Ying and Yang balance. Life is always balanced by the other side. Sometimes we wish the other side isn’t so hard.
Pretty poem πŸ™‚

Thank you Jaya πŸ™‚

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