X is for X-Ray Star, X-Class Flares and X-Band Terrestrial

April 29, 2016 12:19am Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 12 Comments


Today I visited the NASA Johnson Space Center and the only Smithsonian Affiliate in the greater Houston area.

I felt very spaced out and I’ve prepared a visual feast to make you feel the same.

one of my favourite jokes before we start:

What do you do with a spaceman?
Park your car in it, man.




Explains why they’re so expensive. 












I’d like to go into space so I could float upside down like this and look at things differently.





Today, I have touched the Moon.












Press a button.  See what happens…




Ok, now I’ve shown you everything you don’t have to go, though it is fun. I’m going out for dinner now to fill the black hole in my tummy.  This alien is hungry.


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Great pics! Reminds me of my visit to Kennedy Space Center in Florida. I was amazed by the technology…not to mention the sheer scale of things, such as how large the shuttles are but how small the return capsules.

Betcha the moon loved your red nails! 😉

It’s all incredible and mind blowing. Space makes me very spacey and wonder why I worry about anything at all as I’m so insignificant. It makes me even more fearless.

The moon and I are now united in lunacy. I have the power to move oceans and disturb emotions. 😉

I wish you’d been wearing a t-shirt with the words “Houston, we’ve solved our problem” on it. How everyone would have been tickled by your witty English humour! Just as the moon rock was ticked by your smooth English finger.

Oh that would’ve been a fab slogan, Mr. Gorilla Bananas! Bit like the one I saw there that said “It’s not rocket science! Ah, but wait – it is”

The moon moved at my gentle touch and slipped her crescent shape into a wicked smile that joked up the dark sky!

Did you tell the you are a Strangel ? Great photos

They felt my strangel, I could tell. Things vibrated around me. The moon knew. I had to put a hat on to stop my thorny halo glowing!

Thank you 🙂

I’m glad that y’all were able to go to the Houston Space Flight Center and see all of that. AND while you didn’t mention what the alien in your stomach wanted to eat, I expect that heart attack potatoes and BBQ were high on the list.

The alien was all up for heart attack potatoes, chicken fried steak and BBQ brisket, Larry. However, I silenced it with psycho cocktail killers and went for a Chinese and read my fortune cookies.:)

What did the fortune cookie predict?

It said: Fire meets fire; burn baby burn.

So I set it alight with the table candle. 😉

only touch the red buttons…


first scene of Episode VIII:
Luke Skywalker: didn’t your father ever teach you it’s rude to stare?
Rey: here is your lightsaber, father.
Luke: Rey, i am not your father. i am a Jedi, we don’t engage in such activities, we are pure and spiritual. your father is probably Snoke, i hear he likes to party *)

Especially the red buttons!

How have I not had a go with a lightsaber yet? I’m slacking. I’ve been poorly fathered, it’s not my fault. *)

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