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The colour of happiness? I think I agree with that. And the colour of bananas too! I’m looking forward to your biographies of the other colours. Are any of them male?

The colour of bananas, Mr. Gorilla bananas. How could I let that skin slip!

I’m sure that black and red may feature in a male role 🙂

yellow is my mom’s favorite color *)

i mean favourite colour *)

Nicely corrected there, my sweet Phoenix and far more colourful don’t ya think?

And I’m sure your Mum fits that description perfectly. *)

Yellow…ahh…this post made me smile. 😀

Is that photo one of yours? I absolutely love it and want to go inside there…how can it not be filled with joy and magic?

Well if i can make you smile then I’m smiling too. And it’s absolutely nothing to do with the wine..

Yes, it is. Santorini, Greece. I was sat outside on some some steps on a trip. Hundred degree heat, and everyone else on my coach trip was in a museum learning about Greek farming…..? The museum was about as big as my living room and filled with 40 hot bodies. I thought I might die so I buggered off outside. I sat and watched that curtain blowing out of the window instead. Much nicer. 🙂

I know you meant yellow but I keep seeing sunlight. Not a color. Colour.

I feel ya, Mark. It definitely says sunshine.
Sunshine Superman.

Color is simple – but the emotion that evokes is very complex.

I agree, completely.

They say that if a lover sends you yellow flowers he’s a deceitful bastard. I could have told them that before the flowers arrived… if only my girlfriends listened to my wisdomness.

OK, I don’t care much for the fancy prose (nothing wrong with it, I’m just not the poetic type), but what a cracking picture! I do hope it’s one of yours.

Listen up, Masher! I’m trying to help you here…tch! If you read this out to mrs M, whilst swinging from the curtain rail in your trekky outfit, she’ll LOVE it. Girls like this kinda thing. I’m not saying she might not think you’re a nit of a numpty but her heart will soften and that means you’re onto a winner.

Yes, see above. It’s a house in Santorini. A fortuitous, photographic moment. I nearly wrote pornographic then…what’s wrong with me?

If I read that out to the current Mrs M, she’d swipe me one… Trek outfit or no!
It’s a great photo and you captured it wonderfully.

You have a keen eye, Ms Smith.

Why thank you:) all the better for seeing you with……:P

Yellow describes you perfectly Ms. Jellybobble. In fact, you are like Sunshine in our lives. And your beautiful refurbished website makes mine look like a primary school playground ;P

Azra, that you think I am like yellow is so lovely. I would have said black!
But underneath all this grey sensibility is still the frivolous, pink Jellybobbleness! And I happen to love the colours and pictures on your site. Besides, it’s the content that matters and on that, you rule 🙂

She is right. You are.

Well how very lovely 🙂 Just like you. Sorry for my tardy reply, I’ve been partying en Francais.

The colours in your photos are always so vivid. I don’t really get photography but I look yours.

Well thank you, Fredulous – maybe I can get you into it! I see photography as an instant story 🙂

Love it! I’ve been seeing a ton of yellow lately since one of my blogging friends passed away, and to honor her optimistic take on life, everyone posted pictures of her favorite flowers: sunflowers.

The picture is epic.

Hi Crystal. Yes I saw that – what a wonderful way to celebrate her. I love sunflowers too.

Thank you 🙂

Ahhh, Ms Jules…

Photographing windows now instead of doors…

I love the wonderful contrast of the Yellow colour against that more neutral colour wall…



Haha! Hey Shoes 🙂 I like windows too but dem doors are still my thing!

Thank you, kind sir 🙂

It would be great if she could breathe life into my dullest moments. Right now I’m trying not to cough myself to death, bored and under the weather like J.R. without a drink. Also, how come most suits are not yellow? I’d like to scare the beep out of my colleagues wearing one. Blue n’ Yellow… hello.

Mine too! Awww…poor Blue, what will you do? Atishoo, atishoo. I hate, HATE being ill. JR without a drink you say? SCANDALOUS!

Maybe you should get a yellow car instead or some yellow speedos.:)

Hope you get better soon my lovely friend.

No such luck. I’m coughing as I type this plus my lectures were… different. Yellow speedos… I didn’t realize you knew.

Thanks (cough cough)

i know everything…;)

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