A New Year Challenge

December 31, 2014 7:00pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 10 Comments


So, I’ve been challenged by Larry to give you live updates of my New Years Eve.  OH A CHALLENGE!  Now we all know I cannot resist such a thing! I had to don a wig to get me in the party mood because usually, I’m not a massive fan of New year.  I find it all rather terribly depressing and prefer to stay in and mull over my endless failings as a human. It’s likely that you are going to be highly disappointed if you are expecting “Jules la party gal” to emerge, but I’ll see how it goes.  I plan to post on the hour, every hour (give or take – I have to upload photos, remember) on my nights entertainment.  I’m hoping to get out amongst the people of the night and see if I can shoot them and then maybe get a few snaps in.

First off, let me try and get in the spirit of things, so to speak. Here’s the right side of my drinks cabinet:

drink me

a nice selection of Baileys, Baileys chocolat, a bit of fizzy prosecco, a nice bit of rose going on at the back there and a juicy red….Taylors port….gin….

drink me 2

vodka…more port…(I’m so classy) martini (shaken not stirred) vodka (always a steadfast) I just don’t know where to start or WHY I HAVE SO MUCH ALCOHOL!  I don’t even drink.  When confronted with so much choice, it makes me very stressed.  I’m dreadful at decisions.

Give me a few minutes, if you would….

Martini Gin

I’ve opted for a Martini Gin as I have recently experienced this fine, knock your box off, little cocktail when in France. When I was first offered this I was a tad skeptical.  The last time I drank gin was at my friends house, aged 14, after several bananas and

It was at this tender age that I realised my tendancy to the extreme.  I drank 3/4 of a bottle and then proceeded to throw up all over the nice neighbourhood street and then tried to have a wee on the post office floor.  Things haven’t changed a deal…I never touched gin again thereafter until I became acquainted with French class.  One part of this mixed with 2 parts Martini Bianco (sweet) a slice of lemon and let me tell you….the world is a magical place!

Right then…see you in an hour!


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Ooohh… Bailey’s Chocolate…

I didn’t KNOW there was such a critter!!!

Happy New Year’s, Sunshine!!!

Thank you for being a wonderful friend…



Yes Baileys Chocolate! It’s bloody lovely on ice cream!

Happy New Year my lovely Shoes and thank you for being a lovely friend too 🙂

Aaarrrggh! I hate it when I don’t get the memo – I didn’t know it was wigs and bow-ties!! I feel under-dressed (again)!! I too have bad memories of gin, I am generally to be found sobbing inconsolably in a corner after a sniff of the stuff, however I find myself ever so slightly tempted by this ‘knock your box off little cocktail’. Shame all I have to hand is prosecco, orange and raspberry juice and a small snifter of sloe vodka 🙁 *wonders what that lot would taste like in a cocktail*

I think what you had there sounds like a fabulous cocktail. It’s worth a try! Next time you are at mine, I will make you a Martini Gin and we can sob together. You must be wearing a wig.

Your lipstick looks more tasteful than when you’re doing the Joker from Batman…

I’m looking forward to the reports.

Much more tasteful, yes! But not nearly as much fun!

Thanks for the challenge, Larry and a Happy New Year to you my clever, clever, friend 😉

That’s my girl, yes, after my own heart, nothing like a good failings-mulling!
Ew, the right side of your drinks cabinet contains barfable things… The gin looks better but the Martini Bianco makes it barfable…
So it’s way after the fact, I’m following your trail, reliving the moments, highlighting the ones that bang a gong…

So Miss A, I take it you are a fan of the dry and peppery beverages rather than the creamy? No worries, I can cater for all!

A good failings mulling keeps ones toes tapping on the concrete 🙂

Way to rise to the challenge Jules!

Why thank you, Miss Tracy. I don’t like to turn my nose up to challenges, even if they scare me. I’m way too competitive. But I will not sky dive or bungee jump. No.

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