Esther Nelson – Managing Director – The Webmaster Centre

Jules worked with us to write the content for a team page for a company in the industrial sector. This can be quite a challenge, but Jules wrote about each person in an interesting, humorous and engaging way which really made landing on that page an enjoyable experience! 

R. C. Bax – Lecturer at Leiden University
Reviewer's website

It’s only once in a blue moon that you come across a true explorer of the human condition like Juliette Smith. As a student of all things beautiful and creative, I’m forever on the lookout for compelling language virtuosi who know how to touch both a reader’s heart and mind without ever blatantly showing off their imaginative skills. When I first read one of Ms. Smith’s stories, I heard a voice that rang true. I also realized I was instantly hooked. 

So now I’m happy to say that I’ve been an avid reader of Ms. Smith’s work for nearly three years. In that time, she has never once failed to captivate me with her accurate, seemingly effortless depictions of human nature that invariably go beyond the mundane ─ ranging from disheartened businessmen with a penchant for stress relief to grit-showing women trying to find a way to set the world on fire and failing. Reading her stories is like taking in a private landscape that feels familiar yet strangely, but pleasantly, distorted by her idiosyncratic tone of voice, which is unpretentious and altogether mesmerizing. She never wastes words. She knows how to make her engaging personality transpire from every line. She probably can’t help it. Her style is at times unsettlingly voyeuristic and confrontational, but always brutally honest and thought-provoking. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Ian Cunningham – MD – 88 Signals Ltd. for Bats Blood – The Legendary Wine from Transylvania
Reviewer's website

Juliette has written some fantastic and original content for us about our precious Bats Blood that has contributed to it’s engaging personality. I personally also follow her musings on the variety of blogs she publishes. If content really is King – then Jules is it’s Queen.

Miss Alister – Writer
Reviewer's website

You can feel the spirit of a writer in their work.  Jules’ is bold, innovative, beautiful, tender, infinitely imaginative.  She’s a born raconteur, her forte, the last-minute unforeseen twist.  To be in good storytelling hands is a reader’s dream and Jules always fulfills.

Gareth Davies – Managing Director – Top Gear Media Ltd
Reviewer's website

When writing content for our own site we thought that we had hit the nail on the head but after it was reviewed by Juliette she really took it to the next level. We have seen an increase in conversion, lower bounce rates and overall, better engagement. I’d be more than happy to recommend Juliette.

Clark Snyder – Editor / Proofreader

Jules came over to Chicago in December of ’12 so we could do some work in fashion. We walked the Magnificent Mile and surrounds, approaching people who were on the spectrum between interestingly-attired to well-dressed. Most were happy to be photographed and a few of those photographed agreed to brief interviews. The photos and interview excerpts appeared on a fashion blog. Jules has a brilliant talent for putting people at ease such that they trust her to express their feelings in a piece, not her own. Jules write-ups of the interviews well encapsulated the subjects thoughts about their fashion choices.

Mandy Beatson – Editor – Breeze Magazine
Reviewer's website

Juliette’s different approach to our regular interiors features each month made her style very easy to read and her personal touch to the given subject made each article entertaining. Adding her own images to the articles at times when needed showed her commitment to enhancing the subject matter. We loved working with Juliette and our readers commented on the articles as being informative and enjoyable to read.

Ken Guidotti – Voiceover Artist
Reviewer's website

I’ve had the pleasure of narrating some of the beautiful and humorous prose of Jules Smith. Hers is a wonderful “interiority” that finds the unique and usual in what are the otherwise mundane occurrences of everyday life. At once a sage and a cynic (in a humorous way), she is both ironclad and vulnerable in her sensibilities.  These opposing forces of personality are made manifest with a talent for cobbling together words and expressions that can leave me staring at the page and thinking, “Did she make that up?  I gotta remember that!”

Oliver Newton – Managing Director- Priority Plant
Reviewer's website

We hired Juliette to take photographs of our plant machinery on site and also do written biographies and photographs of our staff for our company website. I was so pleased with the results that we then used Jules to do follow on work writing descriptions of our products for sale.

Anne Crosbie – Company Director / Psychotherapist

Jules is an incredible writer, captivating her readers and drawing them in with exquisite detail. You need to know what comes next and readers of her short stories have frequently demanded another installment.

Larry Lambert – Author
Reviewer's website

Jules takes the marrow from life and spreads it on the pages as she crafts her work, and shares it, allowing the reader to come away with different perspectives of common events. Whether she’s writing about doors, and what they represent or merely sharing her experiences on the printed page, it’s engaging, thought provoking and always worth reading.

The Late Phoenix – Writer, Artist
Reviewer's website

Jules Smith, or Juli as only i call her, is one of most skilled writers i have ever had the pleasure to read. i tend to compare my skills to other great writers as i read, something which i continue to work through in therapy, and i have to admit that her turn of phrase and lightning wit and mastery of the English language will forever exceed mine. in short, she is talented. she writes back-and-forth conversations very well, it’s always very realistic, she knows what the next sentence should sound like and it does. also, i’ve learned from her how to transform “said” in writing to a more colorful word. it’s not he said, but rather he quibbled, he snorted, etc. that has directly impacted and influenced my writing, it has changed it for the better. also, she’s just a great person: compassionate, warm, and empathetic. if there’s anyone who deserves to be famous, it’s Jules. she should be the next J.K. Rowling. no, J.K Rowling should be the next Jules Smith.

Theresa Bowring – The April A-Z Challenge follower

April was a month of delights. Why? Because every morning I knew I had the joy of sitting with a steaming cup of tea and reading Jules’ daily blog. The theme of doors was inspired. Many of the stories made me smile, some made me cry, but they all left me wanting more! May was such a disappointment.

Gorilla Bananas – Author
Reviewer's website

Juliette Smith is one of my favourite on-line authors. Her writing embodies a wide range of themes: perceptive short stories exploring topical social issues; works of fantasy imbued with subtle eroticism; coruscating vignettes of lyrical prose. Her enchanting compositions will continue to delight an ever-growing readership.

Frank Qiu (qiu feng cai) – co-founder and senior partner Singapore Empower Management Consulting Group.
Reviewer's website

I would like to give four points after reviewing Juliette’s stories and writing:

1: I find the website creation of the picture and the written strap line a very clever combination of creating management philosophy: A new principle – Art Philosophy. A unique and distinguished role from other art and management professionals.

2: I think the pictures you take, particularly the abstract ones help people to reflect. These are particularly unique because it makes the viewer analyse, proving that you have thought well about the whole process before the picture was taken. When I look at some of your pictures I feel thoughtful and positive. The door photographs work well with the stories enabling me to look at the door and visualise the people or family inside. You have very rich ideas.

3: Every story has a lot of thought. You have the ability to enlighten and make the reader soar. The stories give soulful nutrition.

4: Juliette’s creations with art and philosophy will establish a new way for a University course or faculty of narrated art. This would enrich students, teaching them to widen their outlook, thought processes and imagination. I think all researchers, authors, students and professors would benefit from this. This type of visual learning could also help with a child’s cognitive skills. This is vision science and it is innovative.  Conclusion: Fiction + beautiful + signs = Art Philosophy.

I hope Juliette paves a different way and makes the world as beautiful as she is.

Crystal Collier – Author
Reviewer's website

Juliette’s writing is evocative, mature and thought provoking. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll examine the world through new eyes.

Sue Tostevin - Managing Director of Miss Teddy
Reviewer's website

I have known Juliette for many years and had the pleasure of working with her on many projects. The latest project I asked Juliette to work me on is Miss Teddy, a lifestyle range of dog collars leads and accessories.

The difficulty with writing for Teddys is that the personality of each range needed to shine through, I wanted a little bit of tongue in cheek with a hint of earthiness. Juliette is able to deliver this and more!
A short briefing and she was off. I was amazed and delighted at the result. Juliette was able to get inside my head and extrapolate my thoughts and vision and bring to life my company so much so that I wanted to be a part of the brand and buy buy buy!

I can highly recommend Juliette to work with ANY company on ANY project – she is a chameleon – a professional and a delight to work with.
Make sure the coffee pot is on and you leave some time for a good old fashioned chat because that’s her secret – she has the ability to extract your deepest thoughts and desires and turn them into a reality!

Matt Whitby - Photographer
Reviewer's website

Hey, it’s me, Matt.  I’m just tapping out a quick note to make sure you hire Jules to write for your lovely site.  Scientists speculate that there are an infinite number of universes out there in which every possibility is played out.  This being true I can only assume that it’s conceivable that there’s a universe in which you don’t hire Jules.  Your important job is to make sure this universe isn’t that one.

For the good of your website, you need Jules on it.  A rough estimate would be that it would improve it by around 29%

She writes.  She travels.  She jokes.  She’ll infuse your site with a gentle wickedness, akin to a spicy gherkin in a burger (other metaphors are available).

So, in conclusion – stop reading this and go and do you what you know in your heart is the right and most sensible course of action.

J Burton - Director
Reviewer's website

Jules Smith is a breath of fresh air in marketing! We approached Jules to help with our marketing plan and messaging after being rather underwhelmed when working with other organisations.  She has really taken the time to get to know us and what we do.  Everything she writes is written with the reader in mind and really hits the mark.  The difference in response rates and generation of leads since implementing the plan developed by Jules has been impressive. We are really pleased and would definitely recommend.