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Dear heart,

Since I left, I’ve lingered over your pictures and felt the yearning to be back in your fullness; they do not do justice to your grace. I find myself stumbling over words, none able to express my feeling or indeed, captivate the essence of your glory.
I considered some feeble attempt at poetic prose or a version of polished vernacular like a sage of dexterity, but in honesty, pretentious words cannot convey your version of truth. The minstrel in the mountain speaks silently and from the heart.
I’ve witnessed the giant that is carved inside the rock looking out to a horizon that bleeds into the vast sky; I’ve studied the ample, closed fist that has been scarred by ages and yet remains steadfast and ready to protect.  For the first time, I understand the organic power held in that silence.
You took my breath away and yet allowed me to breathe again. Your natural spirit filled my soul with something bewitching and your colour freed me. I am well once more; instantly cleansed from the artificial and released from the foothold of fabrication that blinds us all. Now I can see and my senses awaken bringing forth an emotion I fear to reveal. I am devastated by melancholy elation.

Ergo, I am ill equipped to give voice to you. I am simple and small by comparison and you leave me subservient in your hold. A part of my heart will be forever yours and may I beg to return and once again be nestled in your comforting magnificence.



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Just Beautiful…Your words give voice to the beauty your images reveal

Thank you, Anthony, that’s very kind of you 🙂

Rock On My Friend!

Rocking on my Fairy Godmother. Next step – Harley through Houston!

It takes a philosopher to understand places like those. Mere photographic art is but a pale, moon-cast shadow to reality. It’s the experience that transforms us.

Indeed it does, Larry. It’s an experience I will never forget. I reckon that photography hut in Silverton has my name written all over it. 🙂


Love the post my dear !
Sounds like America is slowly returning to normal after your bomb blast arrival. I am having withdrawl symptoms due to your lack of posts on military hardware – and you shooting up in Texas.

Some parts of the book “Black Dog Down” have been roughly sketched out and I would love your constructive destruction if you don’t mind. Tried to inject a bit of sexy romance but could not find enough technical data on the subject, so have scrubbed that angle to the book .

Nearly had a wobbly moment over the title but staying with my original gut feeling – I did not think that – “Who Cares Who Wins” would be go down well with the top brass.

As we old soldiers say “keep your powder dry” 🙂

Black Dog Down

A shotgun is my next preferred weapon. Not had a go with one of those yet.

Who Cares Who Wins? Errr….what kind of attitude is that from a RAF officer?! I’m sure the top brass would be pissed off along with your SAS comrades.

Tried to keep my powder dry but a glass of champagne fell in my handbag. It’s hard being me.

The West has a beauty that can take your breath away.
Good that you got to enjoy some of it, come back, there’s more to experience…

Oh it has a beauty second to none, Brighid. I think it is the most beautiful place I’ve visited to date. I don’t understand why it isn’t one of the wonders of the world.

Since i’ve been here I have a growing list of places I must visit given to me by people. Seems I simply must stay! 🙂

What the hell is going on here? Are you in a witness protection program where you constantly have to be relocated? Post a video and blink S.O.S. if you need help.

Shhhh! Mark, I told you to keep it quiet!

Gotta keep moving incase the grass grows round my feet. Life is for living on the wild side. 🙂

i tried to talk to my heart once. they locked me up. said it was my brain.

that song is about pot. or maybe i’m high right now.

you had a better ride than me:


Brain and heart are very much connected.

Rocky Mountain train was much better than Thunder Mountain. Plus it had a bar! *)

The train had a bar??? Why haven’t I had a ride on that thing yet? Thanks for the scenery! 🙂

Hey! Good to see you, GOM! I know, my apologies for not sharing that previously. It would have been good to discuss it over a bottle of Malbec, an Old-Fashioned and a Dirty Martini, right? 🙂

You’re welcome!


Sorry you got my message twice, the reactions of the true military man dies hard. One message, then another to make sure as in double tap.
I did try and explain that I made a mistake about shooting up in Texas – it was meant to be funny – never argue with a girlie with a gun.
Am learning about writing though – usually getting the right words down but not always in the right order !
With my background, it is about using observational skills, the play on words, humour and getting inside someones head. Struggling with “Black Dog Down” as I tend to spray punctuation around. the. way. you. discharge. shotgun. cartridges.
When we patrolled in the deep Central American jungle the last man of the team was always called “tail end charlie” Thought it was strange as sometimes it was Bob and once we had a Horace.
Chilled wine here so easy to write all night – just difficult to publish.

Black Dog Down

Ah, I see. Very sensible. Make sure you hit it twice and it’s really dead!
Never argue with a gun slinging chick, no. Also very wise.
Tail end Horace doesn’t have the same ring to it, I do agree.
Try to think outside the military box when writing – all people in the military are crazy if they let the control down.
Wine, I find, helps aid the imagination along with the fact that I am convinced that military people never bloody sleep.

I can feel your awe, Jules. It’s the first time I’ve read of post of yours that sounds like a prayer. I’m sure you’d make a fine pagan priestess performing the sacraments in a flowing yet slightly revealing robe. 😉

Now it’s funny you should say that, Mr. Gorilla Bananas as I seem to have an affect on the religious types. In fact, not the other day I was discussing forming a new religion/church with someone very dear to me. I think I could lead a flock of disciples beautifully.

I have plans for very special clothing too! 🙂

I am ill equipped to give voice to you… Ah that’s beautiful, Jules. No need to remind me why you’re the best.

And thanks for helping my student out. If he isn’t in love, I’ll give him an F. There. I said it. Now, as for that pill…

Hello Blue! Well, I am ill equipped. At least I didn’t use a colon though, right? I hope you don’t have an aversion to semi colons though..

It’s my pleasure. I’m more than happy to help anyone you send my way. I like it when people succeed and if I can help in a minuscule way then that gives me the right to drink another margarita!

And on to that pill….

Right. No colon. Let me think about those semi-colons, though. And what better to think than with the assistance of a fine glass of magarita. That’ll do the trick.

Always my philosophy. About to go and have one…or two…I find it helps with my line dancing. 🙂

No better way to thinkthan with the assistance of a fine glass of margarita, but what are we to do if, heaven forbid, we should somehow (yeah, right, somehow) run out of that stuff?

God forbid. We’d have to call an emergency meeting in Bora Bora until we’d worked it out. 🙂

Stunning! I see why you left a piece of your heart there. Everything is so big that it makes everything feel small…if that makes sense.

Yes that does make sense, Tracy. Makes you realise how insignificant you are. Very humbling, which we all need a regular dose of. 🙂

Sure is priddy. Those snow-capped mountains are just like The Chilterns… which I can see through my window right now.

Just like ’em.

Oh yes, those Chiltern hills. Bloody identical, Masher. Just the ones I saw are missing the lashings and lashings of rain. 🙂

A brother who lives in Durango these past 15 years told me the area is breathtaking; your video tells me what degree – 150%, at least! Thank you for sharing. We all miss brother so much; Durango has an airport? Hmm…. I’m thinking…..

Hello Carol. Well my advice is go and visit your brother. The place is absolutely beautiful and you won’t regret it! Thanks for the visit 🙂

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