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March 24, 2017 4:01pm Published by Jules Smith in Off Piste Posting (Any day thoughts) 13 Comments

Red Nose Day

I’m here to inform you, as High Priestess clown,
To put on a smile and iron out your frown,
For today is all about things that are funny,
And to get you to part with some of your money!

My money, you say? Why should I do that?
I need a vacation some shoes and a hat,
The car needs repairing, there’s decking to paint,
I’ve a lot of expenses, I must show restraint!

If I buy that kid’s cake or drop change in that pail,
I can’t buy that frock in the John Lewis sale,
It’s not that I mind all this ‘Red Nose’ hilarity,
But I haven’t enough to donate to charity!

Forgive me, I didn’t know it was so antiquarian,
To behave in a manner that’s humanitarian,
If you can’t give one coin to help combat world famine,
I think it’s your morals you need to examine.

For those poor little poppets so fit and so able,
Who have a warm bed and food on their table,
A quid is not much for somebody in need,
My my, how do you live with your greed?

So give thought for those beyond your front door,
For you have so much, so much and more,
Make a change from your pocket and give up a treat,
For it’s not you who’s walking down Poverty Street.


Make Your Laugh Matter




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Put a nickel on the drum, save another drunken bum?


Though you know me Jules. If a couple little boys come up to me and offer to sell me a rock so that they can go buy an ice cream treat, I’ll part with a twenty so fast it makes your head swim. I’m a soft touch.

It’s a very endearing quality of yours, Larry. You’re a bowlful of sweet, delicious trifle wrapped up in WW clothing 🙂

I’d do anything if you’ll let me squeeze your nose, Jules!

Deal, Mr. Gorilla Bananas! 🙂

What a fabulous poem and message. I heard you were talented and the stories are true! Good job!

Hello and welcome, Jane! I don’t know who’s been telling you such tales but thank you for your kind compliments. 🙂

i know i shouldn’t stare at a woman’s eyes, her red nose is down there, but mah dahlin your eyes are mesmerizing…*)

Awww, thank you! And that was my “You better do as I say!” stare *)

Behaving like a humanitarian will, thankfully, never go out of style. Am I a bad person for wanting to see the Love, Actually where-are-they-now vid?

Let’s hope not, M.

Of course not! Why would you not want to! 🙂

This is the sound of squeezing a clown’s nose.
(Not important how I know that. Suffice it to say there was an incident…and those records are sealed!) ?

Mine squirts water… hee hee, ha ha!

Oh dear, Tc….are we still talking about noses or…never mind. Lets leave that sealed and alone! 😉

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