Folding Up The Flag

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I sit here, bags packed and ready to take a long trip across the pond.  My 90 day visa is up and Blighty calls.

What started as a short trip turned into a 3 month adventure of a lifetime.  I have had so many wonderful experiences there are too many to list.

I want to thank everyone I have met and those who have bent over backwards to make my stay the most wonderful time in the world.  A very special thank you to my fairy godmother and godfather who have gone above and beyond great hospitality and treated me like a princess.   To all their friends in Texas who have also been fabulous, my heartfelt thanks.  I’m going to miss y’all terribly.

 “Put some south in your mouth” is a piece of advice I’ll give to everyone.  You can’t touch southern hospitality and I wish everyone could have the manners and loveliness of the Lone Star State.

Having said that, I have met the best people ever, no matter where I have gone and Americans have good reason to be proud of their country and who they are.  I bloody love it here.

So off to London Heathrow I go keeping a good hold on my dollars as I’m not sure the pound is worth much at the moment!

Goodbye America and God bless you.


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Beautiful Words…
Safe Journeys…

Thank you, TC. I’ve arrived back safely, albeit I had to sit on a United plane for TWO FLIPPIN HOURS before it took off due to “Mechanical issues” That was comforting… Still, I made it!

Off for home but don’t forget to write.

But of course I shall not forget, LL!

Cannot express how much Jules means to me, Andy, our Family and Friends. Hurry back soon – we love you!

Ditto. Missing you dreadfully….:(

I welcome you back with all my heart, I feel your heart now lies in the USA but I trust our friendship remains as strong as ever, wherever you or I are in this world xxx cannot wait to see you BFF xxx

Can’t wait to see you too. Sunday is looking promising. I hope the pub hasn’t forgotten me…;P

Don’t forget my stick of Texas rock!

They don’t eat that shit over there! I tried….

Love to my Biker Bitch. Bon voyage from your Biker Bum.

And love to my biker bum! Keep that back seat warm for me, Len cos I’ll be back!

Thank you for everything 🙂 x

It was so great to meet you. I love that you fell in love with my home state. We’re very proud of it. So glad that you got to see so much of Texas, but also to take in Colorado, California, Florida, Tennessee. You were a busy bee! Know that you always carry a part of Texas in your heart. She looks over you. Safe travels and we hope to see you soon.

So good to meet you too, Karen and what lovely words… Awwww, so lovely. I consider Texas my other home and I miss, miss miss her and all her inhabitants.
See y’all soon X

Back when I thought Z was the end, I thought you were lucky, Miss Jules. Now, after three months of seeing more of America than I have, I think you’re an otherworldly being with all of creation on your side. Fortuna incarnate, perhaps…

I love America–even though it’s mother-Trumping crazy–and above all, I fiercely love Texas, so when I read your goddess words of farewell, there came a lump in my throat at “Goodbye America” and tears at “God bless you.”

Bon Voyage, dear Jules…

And God save the Queen and all y’all from Brexit fallout!

Hello foxy Miss A!

You are indeed correct. I am so lucky to have had such an incredible experience and all down to crossing paths with exceptional people. They put up with me and everything…!

I fiercely love Texas too. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is about the Lone Star state but it’s taken a chunk of my heart. I won’t stay away too long – I have more adventures calling.

I’m back in the UK now and dealing with show! At least it’s sunny which is somewhat miraculous although the mood of the people…not so much!

I hope you had a wonderful visit 🙂 sounds like you did. Have a safe trip home!

I bloody loved it!

Thank you, Keith 😉

I’m kind of sorry to see it end. Not as sorry as you, I’m sure, but sorry nonetheless. Safe travels. Happy landings. You are off to an uncertain future for your country. It won’t be dull.

Yeah, I’m sorry alright. That’s a tough trip to come back from.

No, it’s never dull over here that’s for sure but I’m pretty certain things will work out for the best. We’re tough nuts over here; years of rain and hard drinking does that to a nation!

#Muricaexit 🙁

put some south in your mouth: once again, great saying, but it matters where you say it, especially late at night, as i found out.

i think we both have a bit of Hollywood in our souls. one day, mah dahlin…………………………………*)

A hiatus. That’s the way I’m looking at it. Once i’ve sorted the folks out back here I’ll come back to Merrrication!

Putting south in your mouth must be done with care!

Yeah…one day, my sweet *)

The prodigal daughter returneth! The cars are going to look mighty small when you arrive home, Jules, but I think you’ll find many a big-assed horse to ride in the lush prairies of England. Don’t forget your cowgirl hat!

She does! That’s why the sun is shining!

It was actually weird to get into a car the other way round even though I’ve done that for years! It’s surprising how quickly you adjust.
Hat and boots forever donned – I’ve got to boast my cowgirl swagger whether the Brits like it or not. 🙂

God bless you Jules. It was our honor in Colorado to meet you and party with you some in a fun and scenic place. Safe travels! Kick globalist ass when you get back!

Back at ya, my friend. And keep that Colorado door open because I’m DEFINITELY coming back to that beautiful piece of paradise! Great to meet you and look forward to doing it again.
Rest assured, with my three pairs of Wild West boots, I’m a frontline kicker!

Jules, It was a real pleasure meeting you yesterday. I wish that you didn’t have to Leave Indiana so quickly! Hopefully, we will meet again… Safe journeys!!

And likewise Cindy, what a beautiful last day and send off. I have to come back to eat more of your scrumptious cakes! Get that shop opened so at least I can order online in the meantime! Cin-full sweets!

Lots of love to you xx

Now that the weather is good in the UK, I’m sure that you’re feeling better about being there.

But the US still misses you.

hmmm.. better…not so sure. Of course, it’s better when it’s not bloody raining but…..

Ahhhhh…As it should and I’m glad to hear it. The feeling is very much reciprocated. 🙂

Put some south in your mouth is sound advice, Jules. It puts a huge smile on my face knowing they treated you like a princess because that’s what you are and clearly they are not blind.

P.S. Do you know my friend Rooth from Dallas?

Oh my goodness, you are the sweetest of all. Yes, the only Princess with blonde hair and brown eyes since Disney didn’t see THAT combination fit. How very wrong of him. You, Sir, are wonderful.

No, I do not. Could you introduce us? I’m coming back in October and didn’t get to Dallas last time. Maybe Rooth would like to be my friend? 🙂

What?! Oh this is KILLING me! I don’t know which bothers me more, that you were in TX and didn’t see my old town Dallas or that you have the mobility of a magnate… I am positively green! Oh shoot me now, make it quick, and make sure to get stuck well into Deep Ellum when you go!

I would never shoot you, Miss A. The only shots to be taken will be at a redwood bar with sliding Tennessee whiskey to be had.

I went to Houston, San Antone (cos I recognise this is the way it should be said) Galveston, them there Texan country hills and Austin. I didn’t get to Dallas but I shall remedy this on my return and get myself into knee deep Ellum!

Well with that attitude, you might miss, so forget it. But do get into Deep Ellum, it’s a bitty space in the scheme of things but it’s arty, funky, bluesy, and I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan at Blue Cat Blues and Kenny Wayne Shepherd at Trees down there. Get to the Granada Theatre on Greenville especially if Monte Montgomery is playing. And if you can, if Andy Timmons is playing anywhere at all in Dallas or Fort Worth, go see him, his guitar skills will blow you to the moon. And speaking of Ft Worth, you gotta catch a rodeo at the stockyards and a show next door to that at Billy Bob’s. At the latter I saw Jerry Lee Lewis play and some other famous person I done forgot since my date annihilated himself with gold-flecked Jagermeister necessitating the aid of paramedics and all this while I COULD have been there with Jim Suhler’s drummer. The story of my… Oh forgit it. Go see the Mavs play if you’re there at the end of October, Dirk will amaze you. Any time left over and you’re feeling the need for speed, go down to Ennis and feel the power of top fuel dragsters shake the ground and the stands. Do NOT think about me in this cold, damp, wind-and-rain pisshole and enjoy whatever it is you do in Texas, aka God’s Country. Amen.

Miss A, you sound like you need to be coming with. Anything to get out of this abysmal and utterly atrocious weather. Plus you’d be a fabulous guide by the sounds of it along with capital F FUN. I definitely like the sound of Deep Ellum – my kind of playground and the live music and artists would be awesome.
I really wanted to see a Rodeo when in Texas but I missed it by a week. I didn’t realise that it was only on for a short time, once a year. Is the one you mention the same or all year round?
I’d like to hear the embellished version of the date ending up in a paramedics wagon! Hilarious. There’s grist for a great short story.
Thank you for all this valuable information, lovely lady. I have made note for my next trip. 🙂

Visions of Sal and Dean On The Road are cruising my head and it’s year round rodeo at the Ft Worth Stockyards… Oh but I would get you into all kinds of trouble, sweet, kind Miss Jules, and I can barely be bothered to get myself to the east coast let alone out west. Still, it sure would be the ultimate blast. But if you’re gonna traipse all over the US of A for another 90 days, forget it. Still, it would be cool to meet up for a few days, anyway…

It would be an ultimate blast indeed! Just give me a shout and I’ll bring along a nice cocktail!
All year round rodeo – now that’s what I’ve been looking for! Excellent. That’s up on the top of my list now.

Yep. Every Friday and Saturday night at 8pm. I’ll give you shout. Was going to say bring a bottle of Chardonnay, but them’s my London ways. In TX I best get back to ice cold Bud or Miller Genuine Draft to chase down some of my best memories…

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