Friday Night In A Flash!

July 26, 2019 1:28pm Published by Jules Smith in Off Piste Posting (Any day thoughts) 6 Comments

The Challenge:  A Minute Poem

Write about something that can happen in sixty seconds using only sixty syllables (8,4,4,4, x 3)

Err, Ok then.  How about a typical Friday night out?

Getting Ready

The Ladder

Lipstick is perfect, eyebrows too,
Powder not cracked,
Contour exact,
Hair, quite a do.

Torso wafted through perfumed air,
Slip on the dress,
Nylons are next,
Ten denier.

A moment to sheer second skin,
Slide over knee,
Hear it break free,
Ladder shows shin.

The Drink


Some might say she’s the Devil’s tart,
Full of suspense,
Disables sense,
Captures the heart.

The waiter’s witch, shaken with ice,
Dressed as a wench,
In orange French,
And zest, for life.

The minute made Señorita,
Drinks in the game,
You taste her name,


Meeting The Man Of Your Dreams

Third Base

A little bit anxious when he
knocks at the door,
date number three,
means giving more.

He’s holding some wine and wearing
a grin, carnal
of course, as he
wants to see skin.

Wham-bam and thank you, the deed is
soon done, who knew
sixty seconds
could be such fun!


Happy weekend!


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GETTING READY: I’ve had my nylons ripped before, too, due to poor quality material…

THE DRINK: it’s not a margarita until the salt-rimmed glass. you can request the waiter/cabana boy to lick the salt onto the rim of your glass with his tongue, but that costs extra (tip not included)

MEETING THE MAN OF MY DREAMS: i’ve had sex before that was one minute…that’s my record…


I forgot about the salt rim! It’s never a margarita until that point!

You are a stud, my sweet! *)

I wouldn’t know about any of that. I’m an illegally parked car in the cul-de-sac of life – a snail crawling along the edge of a straight razor – an observer, sitting in a war zone, watching the kids ride Coca Cola trucks out to the front to be killed – the sort of guy who can’t drink anything stronger than a root beer float. I’m a fool that rushes in, where angels fear to tread, a chump that buys a rock from a kid for $5 bucks. When I buy flowers for women, they’re inevitably allergic. When I go swimming, dolphins appear, just to hang out. I can make a seven minute egg in four minutes.

You’re out of my class.

Larry, you are everything that stops a person being bored 😉



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