Guns Along The Gold Road

March 26, 2016 8:06pm Published by Jules Smith in Whimsy On A Wednesday 11 Comments

Gold Road Cover

God, don’t you just hate Easter? Well HE does cos his only son died. So lets talk about books.

In fact, let’s talk about ghostwriting. Ooh…spooky. No it’s not writing about ghosts, though that’d be fun wouldn’t it?

You all know what a ghostwriter is, I know that cos everyone who comes on here knows their arse from their elbow. BUT…just incase you didn’t, this is what they do:

They sit and bleed in front of a computer, just like any other writer would and give their story up to another awesome named author. This means they can get a bit of money but still go out into town with lippy on and a carefree attitude because nobody knows who they are. That’s always a good thing if you down too many vodkas and start believing that everybody cares about your opinion.

Anyway, pretend that I decided to be a ghostwriter for a minute. Lets hypothesise for fun. Imagine me sitting down and thinking, “Do you know what? I’m going to write a Western!” Can you even imagine that?

I mean, what would I know about the Wild West?

Hard muscled, brooding cowboys out for vengeance?

A big ‘ole Rancher who thinks he owns the place?

A bad ass Sheriff who like his town in good order?

Bar brawls, gunfights and Mule skinner?

Painted ladies with pouting lips and naughty saloon girls?

Imagine the sort of page turner I could come up with if I decided to do that?

Anyway, I’m too busy getting ready to go to Texas. In the meantime, I’ve come across this FANTASTIC book Called “Guns Along The Gold Road” by the wonderful A.R.Arrington.

So quit beatin’ the devil around the stump and go an’ buy it so the writer can hit pay dirt! GIT!

You can part with your dimes here.


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very cool, mah dahlin. y’know for some reason this week i’m on a Guns N’ Roses kick. i had forgotten how good “Don’t Cry” was.

i would but i got dimed out by a dimepiece after dropping dimes on the court last night. just life in the NBA. playing for the Golden State Warriors *)

Haha! Roundtine! That made me laugh, that did it did it did!

I won’t cry if you buy that book! *)

Can thoroughly recommend this fast moving, gun smokin, thrill making , page turning adventure written by a very ballsy fun seeking writer! It’s “can’t put it down till I know what happens next” story. DONT MISS OUT Buy it now

Well hello PR Arrington!

I wish someone would call me a ballsy, fun seeking writer. Maybe one day…. 🙂

A. R. Arrington did an excellent job telling the tale of love, lust and gun smoke…gold robberies in the high sierras and a dead hooker in a brothel.

You can’t beat a dead hooker……

You’re top drawer loveliness you are, Larry 😉

Nice to see you gittin’ saddled up for the Texas trail, Jules!
I see you’re a fan of the old school Western rather than ‘Brokebutt Mountain’, but I bet you could have written a great ‘fag hag’ role for the latter!

Old skool is new cool! Mr. Gorilla Bananas, If I’m allowed to go to my dark side you’d be surprised at what I could traumatise readers with…BWAHAHAHA….

Going to H-town? Keep an eye out for Travi$ Scott. The only thing modern Texas is good for is the cultivation of southern trap hip-hop. Wild West is dead.

When you get to Texas do be careful not to cross the path of any giant metal spiders piloted by Kenneth Brannagh. It’s what the Old West is famous for (apparently).

I’m being very careful in this Wild, wild west place. Hiding in a retail park cafe for free internet. This place is a series of retail parks with random facilities.

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