International Texas Cowboy Church

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Satirical Snapshots bringing you whimsy on a Wednesday (still from across the pond and in Gods’ house)

International Texas Cowboy Church

The prodigal daughter returneth.  Oh yes. The English chapter is back in the house.

I got up at 5.45 am because I was so excited.  ‘Aint nuffin gets me up that early, especially on a Sunday.  Not even the smell of bacon frying in a pan and wafting upstairs.

Pastor R O Murray had e mailed me to say “Come expecting” and “You might get dirty”

See R O likes to play me at my own game.  He’s smart.  Got me all flustered, he did and wondering what was in store….

The only one that could ever reach me

Was a preacher man and all his flock.

Who’d have thought?

I love this place. It makes life “Gooder” and it’s the “Bestest” church in town. International, like I said.

Being good isn’t always easy

No matter how hard I try.

But despite that, the day was nothing but all good and full of so much love and fun I could melt with affection.  I can’t put into words how much Int’l Texas Cowboy Church did for me on Sunday, so instead I decided to make a video. That way I can never forget.


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That would even get me into church Jules! You must have had such a great time. Truly gracious people, just like you said. Look at you go on the horse. Well done! Sending lots office your way. Will know something here by the end of the month and keep you posted. xx

I had a fantastic time, Tracy. Couldn’t fit everything into the video. Best people in the world. Such utter openness, love and welcoming.
Ok, sweet cheeks, talk soon x

So glad! Lots of love even. Lots of office? WTH lol. Yes…talk soon sugah xx

Ha! Yes, I did think “Surely, Tracy wouldn’t want to be sending me lots of office. She knows how I hate that sorta thing.”
“Love is the stuff” or so they say.

So…did you find yourself getting closer to Christ?

You were doing a fine job of riding there…Calamity Jane 😉
Now, if you can get the horse out of first gear, you might
be able to get someplace a little quicker.
Do you trust horses a little more now? They really are
good animals.

And you look real good sittin’ on a horse. Kinda like you belong there.

Not bad for Calamity Jules, eh?!
It started to gallop at one point and everyone ran out of the way shouting “Relax your legs, relax your legs!” WELL YA DIDN’T TELL ME THAT BIT!
Sunny was a nice, young horse and our personalities blended well. I’m more than happy to get back on but I’m not so keen on getting my first dustin’.

Not answering that first question? Like to know more about why it was the most blessed day ever.

That’s right Sol, I deliberately ignored the first question for a reason. I find myself going through an unsettling shift; an emotional level that I’m not familiar with and one that shakes me a little. I have to go through my own processes. I find the subject very emotive at this particular time and would only be comfortable discussing it at length with the pastor (or of that ilk) whom I trust not to judge me, make me feel stupid and allow me to be vulnerable which I’m not very good at. Ergo, I don’t want to answer such things on here.

The day was blessed because it was full of pure love. 🙂

Are you going to move there? Permanently? Admit it…you’re considering it.

Prayers by Cowboy Church are being said for this very thing, M. Why I wasn’t born here I’ll never know. I LOVE it. It’s got old soul and earthy grit.

You might want to also try putting in an application for citizenship. That plus prayer may work better.

Meh…it’s not that simple. It never is. Red tape, blah blah. Meh. By rights, just being me, should allow me free reign. Just sayin’

We enjoyed having you come back to see us. The trifle was wonderful and watching you ride was a pleasure. Great video and great friend. Hope to see you again soon.

Hey, Janet! Thanks for coming here. Thank you so much and back at ya tenfold.
I will get that pasty recipe to you! See you very soon. 🙂

Those Texas cowfolk sure know how to treat a lady! If you asked them “Does my bum look big on this horse?”, I bet they’d say “Heck no, Ma’am!”. As I would too, Jules!

Mr. Gorilla Bananas, that is so true. They absolutely know how to treat a lady and me too 😉 It’s always, “Miss Jules” and “Yes Ma’am” So rugged and strong and yet so courteous and respectful. Gotta love a cowboy.

One needs cushioning on bouncy adventures. 🙂

You look fabulous on that horse!
That should help get you in the zone to write your next Western novel.

Why thank you kindly, Sir!

Yes, you’d think, but me and procrastination are old pals. I kinda like living it for real better! Though…I have the first chapter still waiting to be continued by Duchess here.

* my face would turn red whenever the priest would single me out at sunday Mass…
* that trifle looks good! it’s no trifle to make a good trifle. so hungry, so so hungry.
* wait, Sally was Lovey Howell?
* Sally was my grandmother. it wasn’t good ol’ Sally, it was good old Sally.
* took me a long time to discover dogie isn’t doggie.
* it’s when the horse talks to you without the peanut butter you should start to worry

Well I was singled out all the way through. Born for showmanship.
Trifle was pretty good to say that getting all the right ingredients was like challenge of the century. That’s worth a blog post all of its own!
No matter what the request, Sally gave it her best, Sally was a good ol’ girl. There should be more Sally’s in the world. *)

The thing about the Cowboy Church people I know is that they’re genuinely good, I like that a lot. And I agree with LL, ride on!

I like that a lot too, LSP. Fine, solid, salt of the earth goodness. Can’t beat it.
Thank you too, Sir. Ridin’ on into the sunset! 🙂

Nice video, Jules.

Being a heathen, I haven’t been to church for years.
But if Sundays could be that much fun over here, I’d cast Richard Dawkins aside in an instant.

Thank you, Masher!

Blind faith versus reason and science. You can’t put them on the same street and come up with an answer. I’ve tried. I’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t give “feeling” logic.
If churches in England were this relatable and fun then more people would go. I always feel like a naughty sinner in England whereas here, I feel a magic and belonging that is beyond my ability to express. Plus they got cowboys, horses ‘n’ BBQ! 🙂

Wow, Jules! That was such a neat video I hit replay as soon as it finished. And I see you have many more from your travels too. You appear to have taken the hearts of those good cowboys as they sure did show you a fun time.
In agreement with all above, you should realize that the cowgirl on a horse look suits you.

Well thank you, Break red. Glad to be worthy entertainment. Yes, I made a ton of videos last time I was here. Helps me remember the magical moments.
Well, they’ve taken my heart too. Wonderful people. I appreciate the compliment.

Such good fun! I hope you do end up writing another western novel. I haven’t read your first one, but I imagine you’d write ’em dark and twisty and mysterious, like Tony Hillerman, maybe. Thanks for the delightful video!

Grunt, I think it’s a given that another one should make it’s way into the world of Jules books. Now I’m experienced and all!

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